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Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare (MLH) Organization Case Study Paper Example

Date:  2021-07-05 10:12:13
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Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare (MLH) is an integrated healthcare provider located in Memphis, Tennessee. It is a faith-based organization largely funded by the united Methodist church. This non-profit organization specializes in offering healthcare with multiple partners across the mid-south. Being a non-profit organization, the organization focuses on offering quality healthcare to the people at lower costs. As a result, the organization is largely dependent on the parent church for its funding. The key strategy of the organization is customer centered with the organization seeking to offer the best quality services in a number of clinical disciplines at a low cost that is affordable to the customers.

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The vision of the organization is to be able to offer satisfactory services to its clients at an affordable cost using the many partners it has in the mid-south region of the United States. However, the organization still needs its customers to be able to pay fees in order to ensure that the organization is sustainable financially so that it can continue to offer the services needed. The vision of the organization is to be able to expand and offer its services to a larger market, which will benefit from the high quality care offered while remaining affordable. Furthermore, because of the focus on providing affordable healthcare to clients, the organization depends largely on the united Methodist church for a lot of its funding. This makes the organization dependent on another organization, which can be dangerous.

Financial performance measuresThe organization is a non-profit organization, whose main aim is to provide quality and affordable healthcare to the population. Because of the organization being a non-profit organization, it does not focus on making returns for investors. This results in a situation where the organization through its many partners in the region is able to offer high quality services at a cost that is affordable to its clients. The key financial strategy is that it is a non-profit organization. As mentioned earlier, the organization receives funding from the united Methodist church, which is the parent organization. However, the organization is able to be sustainable through the revenues raised from charges to clients. However, the revenues earned are just enough to sustain the organization in its current state. In addition, the parent organization provides funding for future expansion.

The target for the organization is to be able to recover the costs of operations from the charges to clients. However, future expansion of the organization into other areas needs external funding, as the revenues raised internally would not be sufficient for such a program. Internal business processes. However, depending on external funding can be risky to the organization. This is because the organization is not in control of its funding and any problem with the parent organization can result in the organization suffering. The vision for financial performance should be that the organization should be able to raise enough revenue internally to support its day-to-day operations while still being able to have extra revenue that can find use in funding its expansion. In order to reduce its dependency on the parent church, the organization needs to increase the number of customers so that the revenues gained can increase. This would result in a situation where the organization would still be able to offer high quality and affordable healthcare through its partners but have extra revenue, which can find use in other projects.

Internal business processesMLH operates in a heavily regulated industry. However, the organization has been able to benefit from a number of strengths. The organization deals with over 60,000 in patients and over 360,000 outpatients annually. Even though the organization charges a subsidized rate to clients at 15% less than competitors do, it is able to be sustainable due to the revenues generated by the clients. In addition, the organization receives funding from the united Methodist church. This means that the organization has a large capital and it is therefore able to compete in the market effectively. The large capital also ensures that the organization is able to adapt to the market. For example, the large capital ensures that there are resources for recruiting enough personnel and acquire the best technologies.

In addition, the management structure of the organization is also very effective. This means that the vision and mission of the organization is well structured. This makes it possible to identify objectives on the ground and ensure that they are effectively monitored at every stage. This is an advantage to the organization as it ensures that it is able to offer the best services while eliminating any wastage of financial resources. MLH is a recognized brand offering affordable healthcare in the Memphis region. It is the leading healthcare provider in the region meaning that it is able to capture a large market. The brand recognition ensures that clients are aware of the services offered and actually seek the services there.

However, being a non-profit organization, the organization charges lower fees to clients. This means that the organization does not generate high profit margins, with most of the revenue used to sustain the day-to-day operations of the organization. This in turn leads to a situation where the organization is dependent on its main funder, the united Methodist church for funds for activities such as expansion. The organization has the opportunity to merchandise but lacks implementation. This means that the organization is not generating revenue from other sources apart from its core business and its funder.

There are a number of opportunities for the organization. Currently, the organization only operates in the Memphis region, where it is the dominant player in healthcare provision. After dominating this market, the organization has the opportunity to expand its operations into other areas. This would be very advantageous for the organization, as it would continue to provide high quality and affordable healthcare. However, it would now have a wider market meaning that it would be in a position to increase its revenues.

There are a number of threats facing the organization. The organization is in the heavily regulated healthcare industry. Changes in government policy or regulation can have a direct impact on the operations of the organization. Political interference can also be a major problem to the organization. This could result in the operations of its facilities being altered, which will affect the running of the organization. Being a faith based non-profit organization providing healthcare services; the business model of the organization is very limited. This means that the organization is not very flexible and is therefore not able to generate revenue from alternative sources.

Learning and growthThe focus for MLH is in various clinical areas. These include cancer care, cardiology, emergency medicine, hospice care, neurology and neurosurgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, primary care, transplant and womens health among other areas of focus. In order to be able to offer all these services, the organization works with various partners and has over 1650 beds and a staff of almost 14,000 which includes 3500 nurses (Methodist Healthcare, 2017). The organization is able to offer these services by being innovative and proficient in its areas of focus.

The organization is structured with the patient at the center. The aim is to provide the best quality healthcare for each patient who visits any of the organizations facilities. This requires that a well-structured corporate team as well as leaders for individual facilities as well as departments within the facilities lead the organization. The leadership structure ensures that the client is given the best services available at an affordable cost. The leadership structure at the organization ensures that there is good communication between the different departments in the facilities as well as between the different facilities ensuring that the different departments can learn from each other therefore improving the overall performance of the organization.

In order to offer the best services, the organization leverages technology in its different operations. The use of appropriate technology in every de...

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