Movie Analysis Essay on Aeon flux

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Date:  2023-01-15


Aeon Flux was an Avant-rank science fiction series movie that was aired in the television in the 1990s. It had some comic books, films, and videogames that come after that. The animation show had a short episode in every series that had different storylines. The show was set in a way that it mostly showed the inexplicable dystopian of the future world. The plot of the series is that there is a little character who is a secret agent from a nation called Monica, who wears a tall leather-clad. She is also an acrobat and a skilled assassin. This character is in a mission of infiltrating her neighbors who are the country of Bregna. This country is sometimes led by lover and other times by nemesis Trevor Goodchild. Bregna represents a society which has a police state while the Monica represents a nation which is an active anarchist.

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Flux is an agent which is self-directed from Monica, and the Goodchild is the technocratic leader of Bregna. Though, Bregna is showed as the repressive, the president Clavius deposed by Goodchild is described by one of the journalists to be constitutionally elected by the people. In the series there other immoralities such as sexuality, violence, domination, and fetishism are also frequently committed in Aeon Flux. All the short episodes in the series entirely lack comprehensible speech. In its place, there are soundtracks which have been used, which consist of different sound effects. They include sounds such as sighs, grunts, and laughter.

The central movie theme is about the last people remaining human city on the whole planet after a virus killed 5 million people. Trevor Goodchild is the character who saves this person by moving them into another city called Bregna. For over 400 years, Goodchild reigned over Bregna, where was the only place where life was beautiful and joyful. On the hand in the Monica Aeon is the most senior which is led by The Handler named Mc Dormand. He tries to discover the truth that is behind the disappearance and secrets of the Goodchild family's authoritarian government.

Aeon is one of the main characters in the series, which is an agent working only for herself, who routine remitted hundreds of her enemies single-handedly but died at the end of every episode. She is correspondingly in love with a ruthless ruler by name Trevor. Her sister is killed by the Goodchild family and wants to revenge for her death. Aeon is a very courage's woman whose character is portrayed from the things she does. She the one who brings the Aeon Flux movie into life as she is a great actor who plays lots of duties.

Trevor and Oren Goodchild are leaders of the Bregna state whose primary duty are examined for the cure to the secretive sickness that affects the population. They are seen in the movie where they ordered that no one was to move outside the city walls as the earth was not the right place. They show their leadership qualities and the power they hand in their country. The Goodchilds also shows interest whereby he wants to improve the conditions of the people, but he is more concerned in increasing his power. There are other actors in the series who have played a significant role.

The Aeon Flux movie tries to give an idea of what can happen when there is no unity between countries in the world. What I like most about the film is the role that Aeon plays; she is a fearless girl who does not let her sister's death to go just like that. She fights very hard until she gets justice for her sister's death. She tries to show that anyone can accomplish what he or she started as long as they are right in whatever they do. Moreover, the action tale is enjoyable for the adults and mature teen who is not discouraged by violence. It teaches that there is no need for violence between the people and people should work with life peacefully. I also like the way the film have categorized the different episodes, as the author tries to connect them is such a way they have a flow.

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