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Date:  2021-05-28

First of all, I cannot mention my valuable experience in Korean army. After I finished the first year of the university, I applied to a military service. Actually, in our country it is compulsory for all the men if they have a good health. But there are not so many people who want to serve in the northernmost part of the country because they think that being close to North Korea is much more dangerous, training schedules are much harder, and the weather is worse as compared with the south part of the territory. But nevertheless, I applied to the military service in the northernmost region because I thought that somebody should serve there and I also thought that if I dedicate myself to the service in that region I will help an applicant and the military people. For two years of military experience, I learnt a lot of interesting and useful things. When I finished hard trainings I had a feeling that Im a worthwhile person. This two years gave me a strong friendship with my peers and a sense of belonging to the nations most important organization. Moreover, I understood that I can make an important contribution to the society. Also, during the last 6 months, I led ten junior soldiers. We experienced a number of military exercises together, and they obeyed to all my commands. It was the beginning of my leadership skills formation. I think that my experience in Korean military service was an important part of my life because the army is an important part of each country. It is such an institution which should protect the country. So being the part of this institution means being responsible for the safety of all the people in your own homeland. So that was my contribution to the community to learn how to protect my country from the enemy in case of need.

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Right after that, I continued my study of computer science in my university. Because I finished my military service successfully, I was filled with the sense of confidence. I focused on my study during academic period, I won scholarships four times by raising my grade up to approximately 3.9 of 4.5. The highest grade was 4.45 of 4.5 honorably. I was very proud that I have achieved such good results. In the meantime, I wanted to have a practical experience in the field of IT and so I decided to start an IT startup business with my friend with the sponsorship from the university-industry collaboration program. This business was getting bigger and biger because of juniors involvement, and total number of employees had risen to eight people. It was in 2004, and at that time, information industry had developed rapidly in Korea, and my university also needed a public-facing website to catch up a trend. As we were sponsored by the university, we decided to start a number of projects which should build a variety of websites and programs for university. And as a result of those projects, both sides have benefited university and my business experience. I think that such a successful experience was possible due to my good academic standing. This experience has two sides, on the one hand my university as a representative of a society helped me to start my own business, on the other hand me and my company helped our university in its own development. I think that my university is able to prepare the good specialists which will be in demand through the country. By building websites and different kind of programs we helped our university to keep up with the times and to become better known through the country. That was my contribution to the community which, by the way, was volunteer. As for me, due to such an experience I became more knowledgeable in the field that I like so much.

After I finished my education in the university and joined into a company, I decided to make a contribution to the communities I was involved in. There was a voluntary service in my company and its main goal was to help children. I was really busy because of my schedule at the beginning of my work in the company; nevertheless, I joined this voluntary service at least five time a year to help children. The help was primitive. I washed them, cleaned their room, and played with them. This experience make me understand how much difficult it is to live with some kind of disabilities. I understood how much support these children were needed from the other people, and how terribly small was the help that I personally did for them but how much such a support meant for them. It was a little bit hard for me, hard to see that there are so many children that have different kinds of disabilities. But it is not their fault that they are what they are. And I hope after some time in our world and in our country in particular there will be more people who will be ready to help these children. Though those voluntary activities, I found myself that I can live helping people who are weak and need help in the society. In each country and in each society there are people of different kind. In simple terms we are one big family and to help each other means to make our society better. This experience gave me an understanding of such things and it also make me feel like a real citizen of my country more than ever.

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