Normality and Abnormality - Sociology Essay Sample

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Date:  2021-06-01

The definition of the word normal is ever changing depending on the standards of society. Through time, there have been variations in the social behaviors. Defining abnormality as behavior that upsets norm in society. Therefore, what one person might consider normal, it could be in another person's perspective violation of the standard agreed code of conduct.

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In previous generations men, used to wear trousers on their waist line and it was a custom that everyone followed from the old to the young. Even with changes in fashion over time. The belt always hit the waist. In the late 20th century, there emerged a new type of music known as rap/hip-hop. It was considered more of a culture than a music genre. Since the people used to have their mode of dressing and lifestyle. The language used was abusive and too sensitive for minors. The trousers were sagged below the waist, with long pants and baggy T-shirts. This was considered abnormal and many parents of that time recommended that children not to follow this kind of behaviors.Nowadays it is not widely accepted for people to be lowering their pants, be either male or female that possess masculine traits. Although, the Constitution has given rights and freedom of everyone to live according to their will. As long as it does not interfere with someone else's personal space. The society has also drifted from the typical communism where everyone cared about the welfare of their neighbors. A lot has changed since then, for now, everyone just minds their own business.

Womens attire has been debatable and choosing what is best for them to wear, is a matter of discussion by men. A lot of times in history, people have tried to change the attire they deem appropriate for women. In the 50s in Italy women were banned from wearing bikinis. Reason being it was too revealing for public image. The law was against it until women activists came on and fought for women rights and freedom. However, in France when the Islam state held a terror attack. Most of the laws against Islam community have been enacted. Among them is prohibiting the use of burkini swimsuits. Burkini covers the whole woman's body except the face, hands, and feet, but being light to enable swimming.

Long ago, people used to marry in their late teens and early twenties. Mostly more than one wife until Christianity came into people's lives from the missionaries. This timing was perfect for during this time the adolescence is at peak. Sexual activity is high. Changes have come along that requires for youths to hold their sex drives until a time when they are responsible and to receive an adequate income. Education up to college can take someone twenty-two years. This is not a long time waiting, but for some reason, some don't feel like it is worth the wait.

Fornication from all cultures in the world had been forbidden until recently when children were given freedom and somehow power. Teenagers are sexually active generations that require guidance. Endeavors to encourage youths to abstain from sexual activities have proved to be futile. Therefore, the government and relevant authorities are campaigning on the use of protection. This is an abnormally for there are also customized condoms for children.

Informative is the media to all of us, a technology that we all appreciate for real-time communication. As good as it is. Demerits exist that we cannot ignore. The trends that most people acquire in which influence fashion and culture, changing people's behavior is brought quickly by use of social media, media such as music and videos. Whatever one sees from a celebrity and admires they mimic considering it to be the new norm. Unfortunately, a movie is a scripted piece of play that is done for some few minutes. It is not a reflection of the celebrities' personal lives. Music videos are exaggerated showing appealing sexual scenes. Which are meant to make the video more attractive for that's what most people anticipate.

Playing an explicit video overtime by media houses. Make people embrace the new way as the new norm. Videos are showing youths engaging in sex. This gives an impression that it is the right thing to do. It is considered that before any program is aired. It undergoes screening to make sure that it is suitable for viewing depending on target audience. However, parents may not be strict with content that they allow their children to see.

It is debatable on what is normal or abnormal. The society assimilates new ways after a period. For change is predetermined the value of what is reasonable changes. Booty shorts are now standard, and no one sees this as an abnormality. The individuals who are influential impose it on the mostly affected youths. Who makes the whole population accustomed to the kind of lifestyle or new ways that they would want to be in the society?

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