Paper Example on Civil Rights in Black and Brown Project

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Date:  2022-10-13


Civil Rights in Black and Brown (CRBB) project is one of the two civil rights movement that flourished in Texas in the mid-twentieth century. This Oral History Project began its first new phase in 2015. The project was meant to recuperate duties of the local people in the black civil rights Chicano/a movements in Texas as well as sheds light on the new relationship between local, state and national actors (Civil Rights in Black and Brown). It intended to provide fresh insights into inter-ethnic collaboration, conflict and any other thing and all based on the lived experiences of the grassroots organizers and participants in the two intersecting freedom struggles.

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The clips are talking about the unfolding of events during the Crystal City Uprising in 1963. The interviewees narrate the various organizations that were formed and what led to their formations. In the interview with Carlos Moore, he discusses how they came to form workers' union following the discrimination most residents faced at their workplaces (Civil Rights in Black and Brown). Carlos explained the kind of pain most people underwent at their workstation as many of them were mistreated by their employers. They formed the organization to help them fight for their rights and empower them as well. For the De Anda's interview, he talked about the elections and campaigns in Crystal City and how it all happened (Civil Rights in Black and Brown). The interview is dominated with Democratic Party issues and how they manage to win the elections on several occasions. In the interview with Jaime Martinez, he described the challenges these union went through. They were beaten, arrested and harassed but they never gave up the fight. In another clip where Edward D. Moore was interviewed, he talked about discrimination at work. The racial discrimination at workplaces in Crystal City during its uprising was too high (Civil Rights in Black and Brown).

Vietnam War Oral History Project also explains the experiences the soldiers had both at war and back home after the war. It tells on the hardships the fighters endured t war and the reception they got back to their home country ("American Veterans: Vietnam War Oral History Project"). As most of them complain of the poor environment with no proper places to sleep, they indeed said the food was good. A good number of these soldiers suffered depression after returning to the U.S following the traumatizing events they experienced while at war ("American Veterans: Vietnam War Oral History Project"). Some of them felt unappreciated since they never received any warm welcome like parties being organized for them on their return. They wanted nothing in association with Vietnam War since they wanted those bad memories to be erased as soon as possible. Vietnam veterans felt they were being discriminated against following how they were seen in the community once they return from war. This CRBB project incorporates all that the Vietnam veterans went through and the rewards they got for their service to the country ("American Veterans: Vietnam War Oral History Project"). Unlike the current military, Vietnam fighters got no reward and were never recognized by the state at the end of it all. This oral history relates with what is in the "Texas Through Women's Eyes convey" authors' experiences since they are also left out Texas history books. Indeed, Oral History gives more insight on the past historical events, and they appear more real than the traditional written documents. While in the written text you cannot prove if the story is true or false, oral history gives the exact information with no distortion since you get first-hand information.

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