Paper Example on Pro-Life Pregnancy Outreach Center for Teens and Single Adult Families

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Date:  2022-09-13


I had a great experience at the New Life Pregnancy Center in Leesville participating in community service. I had good time helping with the services of the facility that provided the necessary support teens and young mothers in the society to manage through life. I managed to take note of the everyday activities and the services that the center offered which included the likes of providing free testing for issues of pregnancy and they also had a room for engaging these teens and adults in counseling. The center also had facilities where they filled out forms where they could apply for state funded insurance. The state-funded insurance seemed to be put into use in this institution since it was accorded to every member who was in need.

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Additionally, they also provided clothing for adults and children as well as household goods and toys the items were given out by appointments and that was only once every month. However, it was dependent on the need of the adults and children such that they were given more frequently when the demand was high. The center provides an excellent platform for teens and adults to get support (Gayle, & Hammergren, 2017).

My experience was positive where the entire activity of community service was a success, and I would say I had a great time helping and interacting with the individuals. I had a role to play at the center and mainly involved helping in the daily activities of sorting, cleaning and separating donated items. There was less work during the day I went which primarily revolved around sorting the donations and packaging. I sorted out the clothes by separating the good ones from the ones with holes and tears. I packaged all the outfits together after sorting. I cleaned the shows and separated the good ones from those that were smelly and torn. The shoes and jackets that were in style were kept in the right style, and the garments that were outdated were packaged separately so that they would be donated to another facility. I checked all the toys that would be given later for any breakages and those that were in proper working conditions. I had to clean the stuffed animals so that they appeared without any traces of stain and made sure that all appliances were in the right working conditions and be clean. I checked the blankets, bedding as well as curtains for holes and any stains and packaged them in sets. Generally, the work was simple and not at all tiresome. I was able to complete the task within the short visiting hours at the center with the help of other members.

The center is helpful to the needy members of the society especially in the families that are single and cannot adequately take care of themselves. Issues of teen pregnancy and divorced mothers due to military post are common in most communities. The center provides the necessary support to the people they serve which is towards the general well-being of the teens faced with early pregnancies. It is essential to take into consideration the value of the community because its contribution continues to help the young and the old people that have fallen on unfortunate times (Gayle, & Hammergren, 2017). The crisis center has made donations to sustain the needs of the teens and young mothers.

I displayed professionalism in many ways during the very day of helping in the center activities. I was punctual in getting to the center before the main activities of the day such that I got there twenty minutes before the set arrival time and spent the entire time surveying the departments and environment of the center. I was able to get a good glimpse of how the place looked like and the operations of workers. The center is situated in an old house where there was no parking provided, and there were potholes due to broken concrete.

I was appropriately dressed for the day. I displayed my level of modesty in dressing by wearing slacks with a pullover shirt dress and my feet covered in closed toe sandals. My hair was also pinned at the back. I was also able to speak with the director Latasha Thomas and Mr. Thomas to get to know the exact reasons for starting such a program. She stated that there was a need to start a place that was private, confidential and non-judgmental for situations like pregnancy testing and pro-life referral. There are plans to expand the centers. I honored the two-hour commitment by staying for the full hours doing community service.


My experience in the center was positive such that it provided memories I can refer to in life through sharing of happiness. I feel that these centers need the help of the surrounding community (Hatfield et al. 2016). As a non-profit organization, they lacked funds for parking and proper construction, but it would be necessary to organize for such activities. The institution needs to seek more donations and the help from the community to expand such crisis centers that can continue to serve more teens and young mothers. However, I would say that I had a great time serving the community through the center.


Gayle, H., & Hammergren, J. (Eds.). (2017). Her Health, Her Lifetime, Our World: Unlocking the Potential of Adolescent Girls and Young Women. Rowman & Littlefield.

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