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Date:  2021-05-20

Following the resolution to hire senior staff for the company, I have prepared a proposal for recruitment and staffing. The proposal comprises the recruitment approaches, selection methods, and metrics to evaluate the recruitment and selection, and the recommended approach.

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In the recruitment approach, five methods are considered: newspapers, LinkedIn, company website, referrals, and social recruiting. The selection methods considered include pre-screening, administering tests, face-to-face interviews, and filling forms. A cost benefit analysis is carried out for all each of the recruitment and selection methods. To evaluate the success of the hiring process, the methods that will be used include turnover rates, recruitment cost ratio, retention rates, acceptance rate, interview-to-offer ratio, and present-to-interview ratio.

It is recommended that the recruitment and selection are done in three stages: advertising in LinkedIn and company website, pre-selection, and finally face-to-face interview. The basis of these three stages is to allow maximum exploitation of the advantages associated with these methods so that the best candidate can be selected.

Recruitment Approaches

In an era where technology defines the way many corporate processes are done, there are various recruitment methods which the company can consider in its recruitment plan. While there are a number of traditional methods which work satisfactorily even to date, there are effective recruitment processes which have been made possible with new technology. However, it is important to note that each recruitment method has advantages and disadvantages. The company can consider using newspapers, LinkedIn, company website, referrals, and social recruiting (Doyle, 2016).

Newspapers: The Company can advertise job vacancies in one of the newspapers. The vacancies to be advertised are drafted and send to the newspaper printers. Potential candidates who read the newspapers can get information of the vacancies from the newspapers. They might also be informed by others who might see the vacancy and they are aware that they are looking for a job.

LinkedIn: the Previous survey revealed up to 93% of employers use LinkedIn for professional recruiting. The company can create a career page on LinkedIn which it can use to attract and engage potential talent. Potential candidates can search the advertised job openings directly on LinkedIn.

Referrals: In this approach, employees would be asked to refer potential jobseekers they know they have the required skills and experience to perform the job. This can help in streamlining the hiring process, and it increases the chances of getting a qualified candidate since the employee knows much about the company, the job, and the ideal person who can perform the job. Employees who referred other qualified jobseekers are paid a bonus.

Company website: The Company can utilize its career page section and advertise for the job openings. Jobseekers who visit the website can find information about the job openings and how to apply. The career page might be designed in such a way that that the jobseeker can create his/her profile and attach necessary documents. Jobseekers who wish to be notified of available vacancies can enable a job notification button.

Social recruiting: The Company can create accounts on popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Job openings are then advertised in the social media where jobseekers who subscribes to the social media can access. Previous investigations showed that 92% of companies had plans of recruiting through social media in 2012 while 73% said they had recruited a candidate using social networks.

Selection Approaches

Once the jobseekers respond to the job advertisement, information about a pool of applicants is then evaluated. After the candidates have been assessed, the company will be in a position to decide the most qualified candidate for the position. Some of the selection approaches which the company can consider include tests (ability, personality, integrity, knowledge about the job, data revealing bio data, structured interview, situational, assessment centers, samples related to work, and realistic job previews), forms of the applicants, preliminary screenings, face to face interviews, and group selection methods (Sravani, 2014).

Forms for Applicants: In this method, the job applicants sent their resumes to the company. After receiving the applications, the company recruiting team look at all the resumes and come up with a shortlist of the most qualified candidates. The method is not only easy, but it is also less time consuming. In order to pick the best candidates in a pool of up to a thousand applicants, the resumes are divided into different sections. However, in order to choose the best resume, the most important things to be kept in mind are skills, experience, talent, knowledge, references, acknowledgments, attitude, and physical ability.

Administering tests: This approach involves administering tests to the candidates and using their scores to select the best candidates. There are various kinds of tests which can be utilized by the company. There are specific tests which are specific to a particular job while others can be administered to all candidates. For example, personality tests and integrity tests may need to be administered to all candidates. Ability tests are used to tell if an applicant has to successfully perform in the job he/she is interested in. The tests can be used to measure an applicants mathematical, verbal, and reasoning ability. Tests can be administered which reveal employees bio data so that the employees past can be studied. Some tests are aimed at measuring an applicants knowledge about the job. Structured interview tests are generic questions applicants need to answer while situational tests are used to measure an applicants performance under a given circumstance. Assessment centers, realistic job previews, and sample work tests involve giving the applicant some work related to the job applied. They might be required to compete for the job within a specific time and to a certain quality. Those who perform well are selected.

Preliminary screenings: screenings can be carried out to choose the most qualified candidates from a plethora of applicants. A shortlist of 50-60 applicants can be achieved, and there might be a need to further cut short them in order to arrive at the best possible applications. In this approach, the recruiting team might have to consider an applicants credentials and years of experience. The method is most suitable for selecting best candidates for the job among hundred potential good applicants.

Face to Face Interviews: This method involves inviting shortlisted applicants to answer a set of questions asked by a panel of interviewers. Each interview member has a chance of asking the applicant questions. The candidate score depends on how well he/she answers the questions. The method is not only tough for the candidate but also the interviewee. The method also consumes a lot of time, and some candidates who feel nervous might blabber. The method might be affected by the interviewers misconceptions since personal issues might result in disqualification of a candidate. For example, the interviewer might score low short people because they are pushy while a candidate with a long beard might feel he was rejected based on his looks.

Cost/Benefit Analysis for the Recruitment and Selection Methods

Recruitment Methods

Newspapers: Buying a space for a job advertisement in a newspaper is very expensive compared to the internet. A newspaper can cost up to 30 times the cost of placing an advert on the internet. The cost will go up further if there are various positions being advertised. A newspaper has a short lifespan and since it can be read once and disregarded (Kokemuller, 2016). In case a suitable vacancy is not filled, it might need to be advertised again which will further increase the cost. Given that not all people read newspapers on a regular basis, it might require that the company carries more than one advertisement to attract talent. It has been found that newspapers do not appeal to young readers in the age of 14-18. Research also shows time spent reading newspapers dropped by 25% in the period 2010-2014. Further, newspapers require lead-time from production to distribution, unlike internet advert which is instant. Newspapers have been found to reach over 70% of households earning over $50,000 (Brunot, 2016). Newspapers also offer some advantages. For example, it is easier to target geographic regions such as candidates from a particular town, city, or region (Joseph, 2016; Kokemuller, 2016). Print media can be also read anytime anywhere unlike online advert which requires computer or phone and internet connection.

LinkedIn: Most professionals have accounts with LinkedIn where they place their profiles. It, therefore, provides a higher response time due to its high usage rate. It has lost cost with high return on investment (Giles, 2016). It can be accessed 24/7. However, it is favorable to those with computers, smartphones, and internet connection. The advert can reach more professionals at a low cost. Most senior citizens are not online as compared with the younger generation (Shepherd, 2016).

Referrals: According to Reddy (2015), referral programs have advantages and disadvantages. For example, the method is less costly since the only word of mouth is involved, unlike even outsourcing recruiting process. In their research, Carroll, Marchington, Earnshaw, and Taylor (1999) also content that referrals are advantageous because of speed and cost, ability to get the best candidate and as a tool for reducing staff turnover. The approach is cheap because a huge cost is saved on advertising, employment agencies, job fairs, and so forth. Referrals help in streamlining the hiring process, and it increases the chances of getting a qualified candidate since the employee knows much about the company, the job, and the ideal person who can perform the job. The method can be utilized as a morale booster and employees aim to refer the best candidate. The method is ideal for specialized positions which might not be filled by conventional methods. It has been found out that the retention rate is quite higher in referral than other methods. Employees employed through referral program risk being alienated from others. Referral program may lead to charges of discrimination from rejected staff. The growth of ideas in the organization may stagnate because employees bring in candidates who are like them (Reddy, 2015).

Company website: It is cheaper than a newspaper. The advertisement can be accessed by the applicant within the deadline. The problem is that the company is still very young and has not gained a huge reputation in the market. Many potential applicants may not bother to check the companys website. This is because many talented applicants are in search of new jobs in well established companies.

Social recruiting: Conciseness might be lost due to limited space allowed. This is because some social networks like Twitter allow only limited characters (Lister, 2016). Open positions will be viewed and applied by a large number of qualified jobseekers. A Higher number of social network users are college students who provide an opportunity to attract talent. It also has a low cost but higher returns on investment (Giles, 2016).

Selection Methods

Forms for Applicants: using forms is less costly since the only information required by the recruiter is considered in the form. It helps streamline the recruiting process. Where forms are electronic, thy can be processed automatically and thus reduce time to...

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