Paper Example on Renewable and Sustainable Energy

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Renewable energy encompasses wind power, solar energy, biomass energy, hydropower, and geothermal power. Thermal energy, chemical energy, and nuclear energy are also constituents of renewable energy. The renewable energy forms the basis of pollution control across the world (Ketsetzi and Mary 152). These energy sources offer inexhaustible energy that is regarded as technologically and environmentally clean.

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Problem Statement

Across the world, emphasize is made to ensure that renewable energy is adopted in solving the world energy crisis. The purpose of this paper was to find out world usage of renewable energy as well as make a comparison among various constituents of the renewable energy sources on their applications. Pollution is a disaster in every society today. Therefore, the motivation of this study was to realize the penetration of renewable energy in society and how various forms are adopted by society.

Statistical Context

The study was conducted among two groups of individuals. The rural population was considered as a distinct unit as its energy need is unique. The urban population was also considered as another unit. The groups were formed based on different energy requirements. The general population size used in the study 1000 people. The urban population interviewed was 642 while 358 constituted the rural population. The population was sampled into female and male. Moreover, each sample was again subdivided into youths and adults. During the study, the sizes of households and income per each household formed research variables. Small household normally requires less energy to run its operations while the large households require adequate energy for its daily operation. Moreover, income levels of the households were considered since it demands the purchasing power of populations. Consequently, those with high purchasing power are likely to have machines and a lifestyle that requires more energy.

Sampling Method

The research was conducted through scientific methods. Data was collected through both the questionnaire and interview. The sample units and the individual samples were indiscriminately interviewed. However, the questionnaire was used mostly among the rural population since they not only had relatively enough time but also showed some level of illiteracy. The questionnaire was selected since it contained guiding questions whose answers are relevant to the study. Besides, interview offered a platform to gauge the validity of the information collected through face appeal. During the data collection, clustering sampling method. Using the clustering method, the population was grouped into the rural and urban population. Additionally, within each unit, simple sampling method was used through which every person among the two units has an equal chance of being interviewed. The choice of the cluster and simple sampling methods was attributed to the diverse nature of the population.

The data collected was analyzed using quantitative method since it involved the hard numbers of the population. The quantitative method offered a platform to predict future trends on the usage and to make a comparison of application of renewable energy sources against the hypothesis realized before the study. Consequently, the quantitative method applied the regression aspect to realize the future trends.

The Raw Data

The data collected was presented in tables as shown below.

Table 1.The Population Interviewed

Table 2. Household sizes and energy consumptions.

Table 3. Different forms of renewable energy usage.

The Data Organized and Described

The data was quantitatively analyzed to arrive at different issues within the study. It was necessary to view the correlation among the forms of the renewable sources. The comparison was important to visualize how individual renewable energy source has penetrated into society. Microsoft Excel was used to analyze the data. The bar graph below was used to show the comparison.

From the data, it was found out that hydropower has the highest penetration among the renewable energy sources. This is both in rural and urban areas. Wind power had its usage more in the rural than in urban areas. The trend in wind energy application can be attributed to the fact that wind farm requires large space for its established. Additionally, chemical and nuclear power had a very little establishment in the energy supply sector, the causing factor was the cost of their establishment. Solar energy was realized to be developed in both rural and urban areas. Solar energy is used in water heating system in the urban households.

Individual household energy consumption was analyzed and presented in the in the line graph below. From the line graph, it was shown that the size of the household determines the amount of energy consumed. The larger the household the more the energy units consumed.

The samples were also analyzed to realize the nature of its composition. Nature had an effect since the male is always associated with large machines that consumed more units of electricity than those appliances used by the female. During the study, more females responded than the male.

Inferences About the Population

The study was conducted among 1000 individuals. The two units had distinct features. The urban population was pact but lacked time for the study. The rural population was sparsely distributed but had enough time to respond to the study. The population was small thus giving small samples. Studying individual sample was quite a challenge rendering the design of a histogram hard task. Consequently, it was not possible to attribute the income of households as a factor determining units of power consumed. In drawing a line graph for the comparison of energy consumption within households, the classes were not uniform. This complicated the study.

Critique of Your Work

The study was successful following the resourceful information gathered from the class. The study offered an avenue for practical application of such problems. Through the study, data collection methods and analysis methods were practiced. Data representation through bar graphs, line graphs and stacked was practiced. Moreover, from the study, renewable energy sources were realized to be the best way to minimize the energy crisis in the world. However, the study did not compare renewable energy sources and non-renewable energy sources.

Work Cited

Ketsetzi, Antonia, and Mary Margaret Capraro. "Renewable Energy Sources." A Companion to Interdisciplinary STEM Project-Based Learning. SensePublishers, Rotterdam, 2016. 145-153.

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