Paper Example on Upgrading the Decor of Persuade Cafe

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Date:  2022-10-04


The cafe offers better services to its customers, and a large percentage of its clients appear satisfied with what they get. Their drinks and pastry are the best as per the responses received from the report. The restaurant, therefore, should work on the exterior and interior decor of the cafe to make the customers more comfortable while waiting to be served. The place should be more attractive and accommodative to the customers with things like comfortable chairs, proper lighting, modern decor, and catchy exterior decor. It should look modest, warm and pleasant to persuade more clients to visit the place as frequent as possible.

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Replacing the Outdated Furniture

The shop needs to replace the furniture especially the chairs. The clients complained about the plastic chairs that seem uncomfortable. The management should consider replacing the chairs with some modern comfy and comfortable chairs that make clients relaxed as they enjoy their food. Some clients after having a long and rough day at work prefer branching at the shop to relax their minds while taking their tea/ coffee. Such clients need some soft chairs, unlike the plastic chairs that are currently used which make their stay at the shop uncomfortable. It is also necessary to consider a variety of seating options to ensure that all groups of people get what they want. The shop receives different customers at different times of the day so the concerns of all customers should be factored in. There are those who come as a family and would love to have a roundtable seating position, couples who may want to enjoy their food while discussing their private issues and there those clients on the move who only needs a bar stool to sit on while waiting for the food. The board should consider putting cozy-booths for couples to give all the privacy they need while at the restaurant. The chairs provided should be comfortable enough even to encourage visitors to visit again.

Leverage the Exterior

The exterior of the cafe is the first thing that greets the customers, and many will judge it with its outside appearance. It is evident that a cafe with rundown appearance or insufficient signage will receive few guests as compared to those that have attractive exterior decor. A restaurant may be having a very yummy and enjoyable menu, but if the exterior design does not speak it, many people may go away without visiting the place. You have the best bakery products, pastries are excellent, drinks are great, but if not portrayed from the outside, it will not be beneficial to the company. It would be essential to make the exterior expose the best of the shop. Highlighting some of the special menu offered at the cafe as well as some special offer like in this case, t-shirt on the windows or outside wall of the shop will attract more customers. The use of pavement board that entails clever messages or an appealing deal in front of the stores that can grab the attention of hungry passerby will increase the number of people visiting the shop.

Modernizing the Decor

Modernity has come with unique things and to stay in the market and keep the profits up; it will be necessary to adhere to the needs of the current world. Gone are the days when people considered what is offered rather than how that place appears. The current generation is after the looks what makes modern decor a necessity. In the temporary society, the clients like to boast about the kind of restaurants they visit, and they ensure that they take a selfie to conform to their peer's places they hang out in. None of them will visit an old-school cafe while their friends go to posh areas. Considering changes like putting up eye-catching wall arts or live plants of different sizes highlighting the cafe menu will bring more clients to the stores. Most young generation will be attracted to the shops and even pursued their friends to visit the place. The selfie photos that they post on their Facebooks, Instagram or any other social media platform will also sell the stores. High school and college students usually like show-offs, and their weird behaviors in some way benefit the stores by showing off how it looks like the kind of foods offered.

Quality Lighting

Natural light is critical in an eatery, and it would be beneficial if the management gives it a priority. Improving access to natural light within the cafe will make the place with fresh air making the clients to enjoy the atmosphere. Most customers prefer cool and fresh cafes. The availability of natural light throughout will attract more customers to the place and make them more willing to come and eat from the stores. The management of the company should, therefore, update the lighting fixtures within the stores hence making clients more comfortable.

Following the stiff competition in the market regarding attracting hungry customers and retaining them, investing in the exterior and interior decor of the cafe is essential since it will positively boost their sales and profits. The cafe is likely to experience sales traffic if these little decor changes are considered. These few changes will delight the customers and bring a new face to all the stores.

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