Parent Education: Enhancing the Safety, Permanency - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-05


Parent education is essential because it minimizes the risks of child neglect and abuse by supporting practices which enhance the safety, permanency, and well-being of families and children. Being a parent does not guarantee the best methods of child upbringing. Thus it is for this purpose the parent education was introduced. This paper is a reflection on the importance of parent education.

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In the United States, almost all states had adopted the common core standards of parenting education. Recently, some states are considering withdrawal of these standards (Gomez & Fliss, 2019). This move is likely to negatively affect the protection of children and the growth of the families. Therefore, the national government must intervene and ensure that the states maintain their core standards. Also, for the longest time, we have concentrated on the teaching parents on the protective measures; however, the system should also extend the teaching to the students and children. This way, the students will have the knowledge required to protect themselves from harm that might face them. Parenting education should not solely be left for parents only. The school system should also introduce a program that teaches children on measures to take to protect themselves from bullies and abuse. More so, the parenting programs have been focusing on old issues which have been overtaken by the technological era. Therefore, the systems should include emerging issues like social media bullying and online games addiction.

Children have been abused by their fellow children or by adults. Looking back at the child abuse history, this has been a robust issue which has been fought and led to the introduction of various laws. The laws such as The Child Abuse and Treatment Act (CAPTA) and Bureau's Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention (CBCAP) act as preventive measures put in place by the government to protect children from any harm that could be imposed to them (Coatsworth & George, 2019). With the knowledge provided by the parenting education programs, parents nurture children to become significant figures in the future. The children also feel security while around the learned parents.

Following the current societal changes, primary parenting education is not enough to make an excellent educator. Therefore, more of the following issues need focus. When speaking, I should sound more knowledgeable (Marquez, 2019). It is crucial to prior think of questions that parents might ask and come up with answers. This kind of preparedness indicates good qualities of an educator. In case I don't know an answer to asked question, I should admit. I do not have to pretend to know everything. However, it is essential to direct the parents in other ways in which they can find the appropriate answers. Lastly, I should not be defensive when attacked by my parental behaviors. Parents will always question my mode of teaching, and when that happens, it is not wise to make excuses. I should instead give reasons that justify or clarify my behaviors.


In conclusion, parental education is vital for the proper growth, well-being, and stability of the family. However, the teaching of children should not be left to the parents alone. The government also should contribute by introducing education programs in schools and communities which seek to teach the children. To be an excellent parent's educator, one needs more than the education offered in the programs. Besides, it is crucial to focus on the mode of speaking, asking, and answering questions from the parents.


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