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The myth of Er is such that Er died in battle and came back to life later. After coming back to life, he told everyone the incidences that he had gone through and what he had seen in this other world that other people had not been to. He told them that when his soul was out of his body, he was taken to a place where he saw openings. Two were on the earth and the other two in heaven above. There was judgment day after when Er was told to become a messenger who had the role of getting reports to men on earth from this other side of the world (Lycos). When they reached the campgrounds, there was a conversation between the souls concerning the experiences they had in the things beneath and those above. In the end, they remembered the past journey and wept about it.

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The myth also describes that a man needs to have faith in the things that are true and right. The definition of justice in the republic was when all the parts of that republic were able to perform their tasks in a harmonious way and without instances of meddling in other people's tasks. Plato described that when there is degeneration of a certain type of government it will carry forward to the next governance (Grube, and David). Plato believed in justice as a principle of non-interference. The republic is composed of two classes where the guardians have the responsibility of protecting the state and they are divided into the rulers and the auxiliaries. It is critical to educate the guardians because they are central to an ideal state.

The understanding of Plato's justices is in line with the definition of justice by Socrates because of the idea of truth. Socrates was a lover for truth and advocated for the ruling of states by true philosophers. He stated that philosophers were people who were always wary and did not fear to question doxa. Philosophers are good rulers because they tend to have no personal investment in ruling and no desire for power. This is unlike the governance by non-philosophers who are driven by their opinions, beliefs, and self-interest. The non-philosophers invest in their ruling and are guided by the desire for power.

The philosophers' governance is by virtues and justice because they love knowledge and sticking by the truth. Socrates and Plato's understanding of justice is similar in that the philosophers are the guardians that are fully educated. Justice to me refers to the moral principle that allows members in a state to access things fairly and lawfully such as housing, healthcare, safety, jobs, and other necessities. Justice to me is more about conduct and not a ruling as per the understanding of Plato and Socrates. I believe that every legal citizen should be entitled to treatment by the state that helps them accomplish their goals in a way that is legal and they can claim a title.

Justice in the government comprises of many things and the governance is a critical area. It is from a rightful way of leading people that justice is incorporated so that members earn in a reserved manner. Leaders should administer dealing in ways that support justice and lead to the acquisition of the basic necessities using policies that are a good treatment.

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