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Date:  2023-02-04


Nicholas Lemann's article dated 20th August 2019 in the New York Times newspaper reflects on research done by two American scholars on campus politics. Michael Roth uses the pragmatic approach of inclusion, political correctness, and free speech to show how politics affect the lives of university students. On the other hand, Anthony Kronman speaks about white students being a minority on these campuses in his research 'Assault on the American Excellence.'

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Campus leadership attracts students who wish to have politics as part of their career life. It requires a lot of freedom of expression, morals, and inclusivity that some of the active participants are not willing to express. In 2015 a report showed that one of the masters of colleges changed his title, and this did not go well with other students (Kronman, 2019). This change did not go down well with several black students, and concerned leadership sympathized with them. The master, however, decided to address himself with more polite titles to avoid looming racism and other possible offenses. This paper, therefore, describes with reflection to research done by different scholars the negative effect of politics in American metropolitan campuses and their respective solutions.

Use of Descriptive Statistics

The challenges faced in politics today find their way to the public domain through media. College politics have grown as the bedrock of racism and other forms of favoritism in America, and the media has informed the out of campus society about it. So many white Americans have felt marginalized and are not taking part in campus leadership roles quite often. Concerned scholars have researched to see how media has contributed towards the solution of these challenges that erupt politically.

Research shows the improvements the media has made in terms of reaching out to many people in an attempt to inform Americans. The New York Times clarifies the intentions of Michael Roth in this attempt as a university administrator to stop racial and ethnic woes. Emerging issues in politics monitored through the identification of clusters made up of keywords inform the masses accessing newspapers.

Scholars have tried to research in the American national political arena and have informed the public evidently on the new developments and areas of weakness. The research is a reflection of what is going on in our campuses today. These findings do not only inform the public on national politics but also in colleges. Political data widely reports decision decisions, for example, phone call data, which is an essential campaign tool, also becomes a resource of political crimes investigations (Mann et al., 2017). Mann and co-authors further argue that physical visits engage 2-5 people when phone calls 10-15 people, and the records are available for later reference.

The statistical comparisons done by researchers show how fast calls can help get information other than physical visits. This report tends to make this whole process a worthwhile investment in finding solutions to challenges affecting politics in colleges. Additionally, online data may sometimes be useful as it provides a low threshold of activities. The data communicates clearly and addresses issues facing the political environment in our colleges and beyond. It is within this network that people express their thoughts without fear of interdiction or influence of any kind. A section of students can provide their email addresses to receive updates, and other emailing activities provides tracking room. This information alone becomes a source to determine the political potentials of the individuals involved. Further, it also allows the involved parties to assess the leadership integrity of those political leaders. This helps in attempts to control challenges of racism and other forms of favoritism in our campuses today.

Application to the Real World

College politics are just a build upon what is going on in the national arena. Therefore, challenges facing college politics affect national politics even more. America is a nation of people from different races and diverse cultural beliefs. This unique nature of the country makes it so vulnerable to vices like racism and favoritism on ethnic lines and religious beliefs. Politics becomes so tricky in this kind of environment since there is stiff racial competition, and no category of people accepts marginalization.

Journalism, as a career becomes challenging in such a set up due to high demands from different categories of people. However, a social scientist has made arguments in their research work that the use of data to explain the importance of elections in an economy has become more fun in the recent past (Pons, 2016). The challenges faced are human instigated, and therefore, there are legislations in place to address media freedom and protection. Public participation is also periodically underway to help transform the culture of marginalization on our campuses today. No race or religion has legislative favors than the other, and the government is so keen on identifying violators of the legislations to compensate for damages to the state. Kronman in this article disregards any political heat that may have been thronging colleges as unpardonable intrusion concerning its effects on the learners. He condemns the fast-rising marginalization cases that the white students are facing in significant universities of the United States in politics.

Use of Various Types of Data

Manns and co-authors compare notes data on the use of phone call data and physically approaching people to find out the best use of data to help curb political challenges in our society. As confirmed earlier, this evidence is essential to fight vices like racism and marginalization of races nationally and in our institutions. Michael Roth also insists on inclusion, free speech, and political correctness approach to emphasize on morally upright political dealings. Further, his plan gives American citizens both at school and outside a sense of belonging in their land.

Scientific research also has ended; some research topics may want to address the positive side only and others the negative ones. It is, therefore, essential to compare different approaches like Manns and his colleagues did to give a clear picture of communication in an attempt to find solutions. American people must continue embracing scientific research and correspondence through research data to be able to solve most of the challenges within its political space.


Politics have a significant role to play in the socio-economic sectors of a country. Good governance starts in colleges when young people take up defined positions to represent their colleagues. Therefore, the political space of any nation should be devoid of any selfish interest of either an individual or a particular class of people. In this regard, college professors and doctors are all expressing their thoughts on experiences they have encountered in their line of work.

Researchers are also doing their work to ensure every emerging trend that is against humanity is the table for action plans. Besides, the government is committed to serving the interests of the American people and beyond to ensure cohesion. Bad politicking bred from colleges may mislead a nation and directly affect its economy and social wellbeing.


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