Racism in the Movie "Ruby Bridges" - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-11-02


Since time immemorial, racism has been an emotive issue in the United States. In particular, discrimination against African Americans has elicited debate from every corner of the country. The primary problem with racism in this country that holds the reputation of being a leader in democracy and freedom is that the Native white Citizens feel more American than anyone else. On the other hand, the Blacks, who are the perennial victims of racism, feel that they contributed to the building of this country during the Civil War when they were brought in as slaves. Consequently, African Americans also feel patriotic and entitled to equal rights as their white counterparts. Although a lot has been achieved in combating racism and bigotry in the US, the vice is still alive and kicking.

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The movie "Ruby Bridges" is a true depiction of how racism had taken root during the late 20th Century. The movie is named after Ruby Bridges, a young girl at the time, who had a personal experience while in her early schooling days. According to the state government does intend to ban black children from attending school with their white majority. This issue has Ruby's parents worried about the fate of their child in a school that they consider the most ideal for their daughter. Even so, Ruby's mother is optimistic that the federal government's directive to abolish racism in the country will not be overruled by the directive by the State government.

The ghost of racism keeps appearing throughout the movie. Some scenes are so serious that they arouse emotional feelings. For example, protests erupt in the State to get rid of all white students in government schools. Ruby is not spared in this fracas. She gets humiliated and scorned by the protesters on her way to school. The protesters are even seen carrying placards written "Whites only," an open act of racism. Following these inhumane acts, and the open discrimination his daughter is already receiving at school, Ruby's father is completely upset. Having worked as a soldier and put his life in the line, he feels that the country doesn't treat him with the respect that he deserves. He feels let down by the authorities. But has no one to complain to. The protests and racist bigotry become even intense in the rest of the movie.

The debate on racism in this movie serves to show how deeply rooted the vice is in the United States. It is an indication of how far the country has deviated from the clarion call of the founding fathers of the nation - "all people are born equally endowed by the creator with some inalienable rights." The world is looking forward to the time when this wish will be achieved. Furthermore, this movie does not just bring to light the entrenchment of racism in the American society, it also depicts how it does not spare even the young ones who are born innocent but are poisoned with the vice by the people around them. This is demonstrated by the many numbers of children participating in the "White only" protests.


In sum, the movie "Ruby Bridges" is a replica of what is witnessed in many parts of the country. It serves to show how serious and emotional the debate on racism is even today, and the psychological and sometimes physical torture it leaves on the victims - the majority of who are blacks. Be that as it may, the movie also challenges Americans, and in fact all humanity, to embrace one another irrespective of the color of skin. Indeed, the human race is more alike than it is distinct.


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