"Rude Teens Berate Parents While at a Sneakers Store" by What Would You Do?

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Wordcount:  624 Words
Date:  2022-09-10


Teenagers can be annoying and impolite towards their elders without knowing that they hurt their feelings. They tend to be extremely persuasive once they set an eye on an item they want. In an online video posted by "What would you do?" two different teenagers alongside their parents are caught on camera while being dramatic over a pair of sneakers. Some observers watch from a distance while others intervene to condemn the teenagers' actions. While analyzing the video, I noticed how traits like perception, behavior, attitude, and persuasion are demonstrated.

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Traits Demonstrated In the Clip


When David and Lorraine enter sneakers store, Lorraine warns David that they only have to spend $100 in the store since it is only her providing (What would you do?). David has a perception that because his mom is getting divorced, she is down spending on him. David thinks his mom is so annoying. Moving on, David sees a pair of sneakers that cost $200. Lorraine says it is costly and they cannot afford it. His perception is that his mother should buy him the shoes no matter what because it is her responsibility and he does not care whether she has enough money or not. Sophia also has the perception that Alfredo, her dad has to buy her the sneakers she wants, whether he has money or not. Various observers have the impression that the teenagers are disrespectful (What would you do?).


The behavior of the two teenagers is unacceptable. They are impolite and have no respect for their parents. It is so sad that they cannot even respect their parents in public. When the teens talk evil about their parents with other observers, it reveals that they have bad habits of talking about other people in their absence. The teenagers are abusive that they call their parents' names like stupid and selfish. Observers take time to intervene between the conversations, and when they do, they warn the teenagers against disrespecting their parents.


Both David and Sophia have negative attitudes towards their parents. They show that they do not care about their parents' feelings. They reveal the mindset of spoiled children who are selfish. David is so rude that he throws away a pair of sneakers his mom chooses for him as an alternative. The observers show a supportive attitude towards the parents and negative attitude towards the rude teenagers. The parents' approach is also favorable. They are humble and speak in low tones because they are ashamed of their children.


The teenagers' persuasiveness is annoying and disrespectful. They keep asking for the sneakers even when their parents cannot afford them. Their creed grows out of hand such that the observers have to intervene, yet they will not stop. The teenagers' parents are overwhelmed by the persuasion from their children. They feel ashamed and out of place. The observers find the teenagers' persuasiveness annoying and out of order, so they try to persuade them to be kind to their parents. One lady that confronts Sophia while she is rude to her dad decides to become as nasty as she is.


A video by "What would you do?" shows dramatic incidences where teenagers demonstrate traits like perception, behavior, attitude, and persuasion in the content. Two impolite teenagers, David and Sophia, are caught on camera on separate occurrences where they put their parents in awkward positions. This is one among many incidences whereby spoilt children shame their parents publicly. Parents are advised that they do not have to listen to all requests from disrespectful children.

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