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Currently, it is all about the use of modern technology and social media; it is easier for someone to post hurtful things or false rumors for other people to see. Educating faculty will help in coming up with alternatives to violent retaliation of the victim onto the bully. School counselors are instructed to obtain the experience of teaching kids what it means to be responsible as well as to be respectful, which should be translated to their behavior online. They may need to hear the message that if you aren't going to say it to someone's face, don't do it online. Providing helpful information and establishing personal guidelines to students to use the Internet in a safer and proper manner such as teaching them that they should also understand that anything that is posted online or sends through a cell phone can and will resurface later. Posting anything that they should not, do not want others to see just as well as any pictures or messages they would not want everyone in the world to see ever since it could and will arise later in their lives. The emotional and psychological outcome of cyber bullying are almost the same to the real life bullying results; the difference is that the reality of the cyber bullying is often no room for one to escape. In school life, most school normally ends at three pm while the internet is continuously there.

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Technically this study portrays cyber bullying as a harsh reality of bullying; cyber bullying is impersonal in nature, its essential to impart knowledge to the students that the important rule that applies in and out of the digital world. As educators, students are supposed to be taught cyber savvy and safe. The center for safe and responsible internet use offer out some free handouts which are designed by grade level to educate students how to keep safe when they are online. Since cyber bullying is becoming a significant threat to a student's life, educators are supposed to expose students to Microsoft free instructional program that teach the digital ethical use and digital citizenship when it comes to using technology. Much as rules put into place through teaching, digital citizenship through educators can be made well known and imparted through explicit instruction by the teachers. Additionally, awareness is the powerful way to create essentials issues known to all people, instead of creating fear and panic over technology, knowledge is necessary to change an existing perception.

Section III

Retaliation is becoming more prominent in school since more peers are bullying others. This makes them feel superior to the other students and looks cool in front of their friends. Most students just feel peer pressured into doing what their friends are doing. Young girls lay victim to boys and the games they play with them all the while they are going out with them. Sexing and having more than just the boy they are seeing have it being sent to as proof to their friends they are having sexual intercourse with girls. This type of bullying end with the girls involved committing suicide to end the pain they are feeling from the outcome of the rumor being spread by the boys they sex texted. Hitting back is one of the most dangerous actions when it comes to reacting to a cyber bullying; retaliation can encourage violence and can result in severe emotional damage, injuries, and fatalities. Educators and schools have an important role to perform by providing a duty of care to make sure that all students are safe and they not in a position to allow hitting back because it exposes students to great hurt.

Scarce resources are available on cyber bullying has focused on assessing distress and prevalence, in reviewing prevention, addressing legal issues and intervention of the endless possibilities to a significant retaliation to cyber bullying are not the general solutions but exposure to distress and negative energy. Past research identifies that cyber bullying reaches the maximum peak in the middle school between the age of eleven and sixteen years. During this period, students tend to be rebellious and emotional to issues, Hitting back may expose most youths to the risk of health, emotional and even reputation issues, through awareness as a result of education teens will have full knowledge to apply if a case they are exposed to cyber bullying. Retaliation makes young people start feeling that the adults who are existing in their lives are unwilling, unaware or not able to react when it comes to assisting them to stop cyber bullies, which may result in relationships breakdown with most of their parents and teachers.

About the past studies, cyber bullying is seen as a new breed of bullying; Educators are supposed to spread awareness and create a positive atmosphere which can emerge when knowledge is created. Notably, cyber bullying through educators can be put into the spotlight in every class to teach students about legal and psychological ramification. Educators through exposing issues like technological risks, real online communities, and cyber safety can minimize some of the risks that are associated with cyber bullying. Exposure through raising awareness should consider talks like age appropriate and cases of cyber bullying and their resolution. Demonstration of how technology is leverage when it comes to people in the community. Educators are supposed to bring knowledge top the students on how technology can be used for the greater good, for example creating a new trend to for classmates to allow comments, different achievements on working together as classmates. Spreading awareness is critical and can work better since it brings exposure to the positive and adverse impact associated with cyber bullying

Teaching students on firm policies regarding rules guarding technology need are important, and it is not supposed to be assumed. An educator who makes sure that student is aware of policies of any danger or problem occurs is quite excellent, making students define boundaries on where to access and sites to ignore. Since systems serve a good way to manage curtail verbal aggression and build it as a behavior which is not acceptable, policies are supposed to be specific and include any legal implication associated to it. The young generation has high interaction level to technology, when a comparison is made the holder individuals, as an adult, it is way easier to separate attentions from social interaction as compared to the younger generation, young generation experience more challenging time with an online presence. What is happening on the internet is so severe to the younger generation, and they are unable to take such issues lightly. Students, the online persona is so significant just like the real person, if any students approach any educator. Teachers are supposed to be serious with it, and no teacher should take it for granted or minimize the whole situation.

Ideally, when someone retaliates, the fight that exists between two or more parties tend to intensify. Hence it can lead to increase in cyber bullying. The growth of cyber bullying as a result of retaliation is associated with anonymity. One being a traditional bully, justification, and exposure to abuse, frequency of Internet technical knowledge and internet use, little supervision from the parents and even enforcement, narcissistic exploitativeness, low social support, increase of normative beliefs that is displaying approval of bullying and aggression, proactive and reactive aggression and poor caregiver relationship. Revenge seeking may be one of the big drivers that are resulting in cyber bullying act since revenge breed negative school climate, low social support, and exposure to violence. Retaliation and cyber bullying share the same characteristics, and in most cases, the potential for violent retaliation is connected with violent retaliation by the victims who are facing cyber bullying. Both cyber intimidation and retaliation are interconnected and can be viewed as a cause-effect reaction, and the effects can create great harm too many individuals, psychosocial distress, break down of different relationships such as teacher-child and parent-child relationships hence creating a severe negative impact.

Section IV

The effect of cyber bullying can range for little and minor challenges to one of the dangerous and deadly challenges on the abuse which results to victims retaliating back to those individuals who were the cause of the actions. A new survey study that covered over more than fifteen thousand American high schools indicated that victims involve in bullying are nearly twice likely to be in possession of guns and other dangerous weapons which might cause harm. An estimation of two hundred thousand individuals who are involved in bullying carries with them weapons to schools. According to analysis the author that was recorded from the Centers for Disease Controls 2011 Youth Risk Surveillance System Survey, the important portion of the estimated seven hundred and fifty thousand in high school brings weapons every month. Additionally, the result of students who felt the need to use or even bear arms against those who hurt them showed that something was not going on well in their life.

Legislation and law regarding punishment cyber bullying are in the process of implementation especially in countries like the United States. Since there is no particular law in place to deal with cyber bullying, lawmakers are trying to come up with new rules to manage digital harassment with the proposed federal law being in existence to reduce harassment and intimidation of digital harassment.


On issues affecting how schools respond to cyber bullying in many administrations, schools should intervene to prevent cyber bullying off campus shall define school regulations governing cyber bullying. Educators and parents should be exposed and advised to limit excessive use of phones in the school settings with library media specialist playing an important role in encouraging and instructing students about cyber bullying and how one can combat it. Through educators, schools are invited to provide training and education not only on the appropriate use of the sites that are exposed to cyber bullying but also how to use sites like Facebook and YouTube and even sensitize the minors that these sites are harmful to them. Cyber bullying that takes place on campus by the use of home and personal computers through the use of nonschool internet connection.

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