Statement of Personal Philosophy

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Date:  2022-10-01


Nursing philosophy of a person encompasses contemplations of beliefs, values, and principles of a person. I have a personal philosophy which started by trying to understand what nursing means to me and what guides my nursing practice. For me to define personal philosophy I must ensure that I first address some significant concepts including Meta-paradigms, Nursing Process and key concept of Nursing Philosophy (Dossey, et al, 2013). These concepts help me understand whether I have a nursing philosophy which is characterized by empathetic, holistic and culturally sensitive care to patients and their family members. It also ensures that my philosophy is characterized by the discipline of nursing based on meta-paradigms such as environment, person, health and nursing. My philosophy must also use a holistic, patient-focused care and problem-solving approach associated with patients and their relatives.

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My personal belief as a nurse is to be compassionate and caring. In addition, my philosophy is to stand for my profession throughout my life. I will ensure that I offer proficient, sympathetic and best all-inclusive care to the best of my capability. This attitude originates from the values and beliefs which I developed when I was a child. All these values are composed of trustworthiness, respect, and compassion. They, therefore, are the values that influenced me to become a nurse and also being able to offer high-quality healthcare to patients and their family members.

In my nursing profession, I am expected to have sufficient compassion and being able to take care of all my patients and other people around them. I am expected to take good care of both physical health and passionate needs of patients. Because I am working in a telemetry and med-surgical floor I have the responsibility of taking care of chronically sick patients and there are serious complicated emotional issues that I am expected to address. I realized that all patients are very humble and require my attention when I build a good rapport and trust with them. In most cases, I take several hours discussing with them issues relating to their lives and personal interest. Although we are given the responsibility to care for their medical needs, we also needed to take care of their emotions too. For me to accomplish my nursing practices, I must be a person with empathy and compassion (AACN, 2008). We are required to take care of the whole society and other health care issues that are common affects the members of the public. We, therefore, have a responsibility to identify health issues that most of our patients are suffering from. Diseases are the main cause of death in most countries, therefore we are required to focus on the wellness of the people instead of depending on the treatment of diseases as the healthcare system.

Education plays a significant in maintaining my philosophy. It ensures that I provide high-quality care. Furthering my education on issues relating to patient care ensure that I develop a better understanding of how to provide patient care. I acquire sufficient information about nursing through research which I can easily transpose to the knowledge I have already built thus giving me an opportunity to offer better quality patient care. I am certain that it is important to respect tradition, ethnicity and sexual orientation of patients. I am sure that I will perform my duties as a nurse without discriminating any patient. I promise that I will uphold the code of practice of nursing provided by ANA and JCS which require nurses to maintain a high level of confidentiality, honesty and maintains the rights of patients. I am working very hard to become a nurse educator and a person who promote awareness of diseases which mostly affect the general public (Hess, 2011). I also encourage my fellow nurses to practice good nursing practices and ensure that people respect family values. This, therefore, makes me believe that nursing is not just a career but an opportunity available to take care of other people.


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