Stress for College Students

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Date:  2021-05-19

Stress can be well-defined as any condition that can induce adverse judgments and feelings in an individual. College students face various stresses ranging from the transition that occurs from one shifting from high school and joining college due to the fact that they are not sure of what they will expect. Also, the fact that students have to relocate from home to live in campus can give students stress. College students can also face stress due to lack of being organized in their work, poor in time management, and having the pressure that results from the lack of balancing social relationships and personal responsibilities with academics.

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One of the greatest stresses that students have is the inability to balance academics with social belonging whereby a student would need to make new friends and maintain the friendships formed and at the same time ensure that their performance is exceedingly at top notch. Furthermore, institutions also expect them to use and enhance their talents by taking part in extra curriculum events within the organization and outside.

Due to this stress, it possesses a huge effect on the students in that first and foremost the health of the individual may be affected particularly when the student does not have adequate sleep. According to Humphrey (5), the stress may also impair the emotions of the student leading to one being more petulant and cautious as a result. Due to the irritability that the student may have formed, it may make it difficult for the student to build friendships and maintain them.

Additionally, this stress can lead to poor performance in academics. When a student is not able to balance academics and social life adequately, then, drop in grades may be experienced. Students that used to perform tremendously well in academics, their grades would be vividly seen as not being as good as they used to be.

In cases where a student develops affection towards the opposite gender and does not balance the relationship with academics, or where the relationship he/she is into does not seem to bear fruit, this may lead to the student developing stress. The stress generated may be unbearable for the student and this may cause the student to commit suicide. Over the years, it has been witnessed college students committing suicide due to the relationships that they get into and especially when they turn out to be sour and abusive.

Moreover, this kind of stress that is brought about by students not balancing school work and social life may lead students from dropping out of school and not clearing the programs that they had gone to study. This is mostly experienced by students who give more weight to social life than to school work. The dropping out of college may be greatly influenced by pressure from peers which is morose as students are gifted differently. Some students spend less time in books yet they perform well while others would require spending more time reading and revising to achieve results. (Landow,15).

To conclude, it is important for institutions to carry out orientations for new students so that information can be passed to them on what they should expect in college. Also, students should be taught on issues regarding life as from a tender age so that they can be in a good position to balance both social life and academics. This is important because students can be in able to enhance the various talents that they have and in the long run, the talents can be used to make a living out of it.

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