The Theme of Death in the Great Gatsby - Critical Essay

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Date:  2022-10-10

Who Dies in The Great Gatsby?

What would you do if someone you cared about was killed? Multiple deaths are on the rise due to Myrtle Wilson. The deaths are not solely Myrtle's. Myrtle jumped in front Daisy Buchanan's car. Myrtle's death was thus attributed to Daisy. Jay Gatsby's murder is attributable to Tom Buchanan. George has been told by Tom that Myrtle was killed by the same car as Gatsby. George believes that Jay Gatsby murdered Myrtle so George shot Jay Gatsby. George's death can only be attributed to himself.

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Daisy Buchanan is the person who caused Myrtle Wilson to die. Daisy Buchanan is the one responsible for the car that struck Myrtle Wilson in the side of the road. Daisy was driving when Myrtle Wilson ran in front of her for help. Witnesses claim that Myrtle Wilson was hit by a yellow car. Jay Gatsby owns the yellow car Daisy was driving.

It happened only when Jay and Daisy were returning to West Egg. Daisy was upset with Jay and didn't think about Myrtle because she was already angry. Daisy's involvement in Myrtle’s death is also due to her failure to care for Myrtle. Daisy was upset by Jay's conversation before the accident. Gatsby had instructed Daisy to tell Jay that she didn't love him. Daisy didn't stop when she hit Myrtle. "The God damned coward!" he said. Tom learned about Daisy's accident from Daisy and knew what he could do.

Tom Buchanan is the person responsible for Jay Gatsby’s death. Tom Buchanan told George at the time Myrtle died that the yellow car that was seen by witnesses was the one Jay Gatsby owned. Tom took the opportunity to drive Gatsby’s car, even though Daisy was driving it at the time of the accident. George left his home and went straight to Gatsby. George shot Gatsby after a long summer. He was still in his pool. George mistakenly believed that Gatsby had killed Myrtle. Daisy was the one who actually killed Myrtle. George was very upset about his wife. He wants to be with her.

To move Myrtle away from the valley of Ashes. She will stay there until the day after tomorrow, then we will move (George Wilson, 136) Tom is determined to take revenge on Gatsby. Tom was mad at Gatsby already for trying to take his wife. George knew the extent of George's abilities, so he informed George that Gatsby was responsible. Buchanan is determined to prevent Gatsby seeing Daisy. Tom might have gone too far, as he also causes two more deaths.

George Wilson is George. George went to Gatsby’s house and shot him in the pool. Wilson took the gun and turned it over to him. George wanted to retaliate against Gatsby's murder of his wife. He was only seeking revenge on his wife. Wilson was so shocked by Myrtle's death, he couldn’t bear it.

Who Is To Blame for Gatsby’s Death?

Wilson then takes the gun back to himself. Wilson was the one who fired on himself. Wilson committed suicide after shooting Gatsby. Wilson was extremely upset by the loss of Myrtle. We were moving with Gatsby towards the house when we realized that Wilson's body was in Gardner's grass. (Fitzgerald 162). This is how Wilson dies. Many people are involved in the blaming of Wilson's death. One death leads to another. Another reason can be attributed. Daisy Buchanan, I believe, is responsible for Myrtle Wilson’s death. Jay Gatsby's murder is caused by Tom Buchanan. George Wilson is the only one to blame. You could also be at fault.

The Great Gatsby has twisty endings. Daisy, who is going through an emotional breakdown, runs over Myrtle Wilson. Tom is responsible for telling George Wilson about Gatsby's death. George, who once again went so far as to end his life. Many characters were very selfish and greedy. Except Nick and Gatsby, no one cares about the welfare of others. The wealthy would show off their wealth and brag about it. People who weren't as wealthy were more jealous than those of a higher social class. Overall, the characters fit the story well and were well-thought out.

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