The United States as a Super Power Country - Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-15


From time immemorial, America has been the Lordship to other countries on earth. America has served the world as a whole through its open sea lanes that are commonly used in the world. This has helped improve the economy of other countries that use the Pacific and Atlantic oceans as a means of transport and trade with America. It has been used to harmonize and intervene and bring peace with other nations globally. It has a powerful combatant and can oversee and control countries on earth. America not only considers its internal issues but also shares the role of leadership externally. This is demonstrated by the act of the congress administering $ 58.8 billion for International Affair Budget. This was to show an act of valuation of global leadership. The paper, therefore, will explore America as a superpower country and global leader that has helped in dealing with the economic, political and social affairs.

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Nations that do not meet America's terms and conditions that they demand suffer a great loss economically through imposition and levying of taxes. This lowers the country's economy hence low living standards. Proposal of the United States government has also suggested reducing on the grant funds by 32 percent. This limits operation of the United States worldwide and within as the economy falls. Most countries believe that without America they cannot achieve. The United States has also majored in its interests and changed how it works and handles its things. It has acquired strategic dimensions and has overcome its competitors being a Superpower with the strongest combatants hence no nation can compete with it. It is also in control of the shipping lanes that are the backbone of nations' economic system. There is no country which can outcome nor competes with the United States; politically, financially and basically on internal issues (Acemoglu, D., & Robinson, J. A. 2012) Thus as a superpower; it overcomes all the nations.

As a Nation's leader, slaves in America were used as a cure to their economy. They brought about change in the economy and building up the nation to its powerful status. The slaves were shipped into America being a superpower country where they helped in the growing and production of large-scale crops; cotton, rice, and tobacco. This flourished America as cotton was processed in the industry into the finished product. This benefited it regarding capital, unlike the other nations that had low labor. The captives worked as agricultural workers who brought positive impact and industrialization to the Americans. Vietnam War advantaged America as a world leader through improvement in military and better taught them on implementing strategies that can help them to have a more competitive advantage in war. The United States military improved much from the war as they came up with new upgrades and weapons and experienced pilots (Bertola, L., Ocampo, J. A., & Oxford University Press. 2012). This was as a result of air to a ground war.

America's purpose was not served as intended since the captives had become weakened and their immune system would not resist disease. Their population decreased as this led to the failure of the agricultural products produced. This was a drawback to the superpower country. Vietnam War did not also benefit the United States since most people lost their lives and others injured. This led to depopulation as others were left with a physical and mental illness. Americans who participated in the Vietnam War got horrified and lived in fear as they did not deserve what they had undergone. America spent huge capital to heal the injured as this money would have been used to develop the country. This was contrary to the United States expectations as it did not serve its purpose.

America being a superpower state should bring out all nations together and create unity to affected countries that are affected by the political crisis. This will help build nations with political instabilities internally and externally and on how they relate. America should take action on countries ruled by dictators. This can be achieved by identifying unjust leaders and supervising on how they rule and investigating the voting process that was used. This will help different nations relate peacefully. To improve countries with a low economy, America should play a key role in financing those countries. This will help develop most states and improve industrialization as well too. The United States should send expertise to different countries to monitor and give out education on how to invest and the need for investing. This will bridge a gap that is lagging most countries behind. Its organizations should partner with organizations from other countries with the low economy to help and solve their problems. America as a superpower should allow a partnership with other countries regarding a trade to take freely. This will benefit most countries as products will be sold at a low price (Bremmer, I. 2015).

The United States should continue with the role of being a superpower because it serves Most of the countries by providing foreign aids to developing countries. Through the provision of these foreign aids, some countries will develop. America has significantly helped bring justice to many countries in the world. It oversees internal matters affecting countries, and through that, it advises different nations on how to deal with the crisis affecting them. America should serve as a superpower since it has led to improved technology and provision of health facilities which has helped other countries benefit like medicine provision which other countries are unable to provide.


Most countries cannot exist without America. Focus on its interest will lead to the downfall of other countries which depend on its aids and development. As a superpower country, it helps in solving the political, social and economic crisis affecting different countries. Continuous support of America to other countries in the world will bring about change and development of the world as a whole in the future. Industrialization also will improve significantly as the production of quality products. Through the help of America, most countries will adopt new policies of working out things and how they handle external issues (In Fernandez, V. R., & In Brondino, G. 2019). This will bring out a positive effect on the economy and in the future generation.


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