UHC: Ensuring Quality, Affordable Healthcare for All - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-28


The government has a significant role to play in facilitating the provision of quality and affordable health care to all members of society. The concept of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) refers to the capacity of all people and communities to utilize health services in a setting that does not deplete their financial resources. Some of the primary goals of UHC are to enhance equity in access to medical services, improve the quality of health services provided as well as shield people against financial risk (WHO). While some people argue that individuals ought to be financially responsible for their care and wellness, it is critical and more beneficial for the government to provide free health coverage to all of its members.

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The government should provide UHC for the population to reap from the various health benefits that arise from the broad coverage. The policy works towards increasing access to the needed health services while ensuring that quality standards are upheld (World Health Organization 10). Society is responsible for the health status of the overall population. Therefore, it is essential to expand coverage by facilitating access to vital services. Broad coverage translates to improved access to necessary care and better population health (World Health Organization 10). Given that the positive impact is high among the underprivileged communities, it is essential for the government to empower everyone to get services through UHC. Therefore, it is vital for the administration to formulate and implement policies and initiatives that target to expand health coverage across communities.

There are economic benefits that a nation and its population accrue from pursuing UHC. It is important to note that the cost of seeking professional medical help is relatively high especially when people pay through out-of-the-pocket methods. Besides, such a process implies that only those who can pay to get served. Covering expenses that arise during health seeking process is one of the activities that cripple individual and families' financial resources. The costs also push people further below the poverty line (World Health Organization 12). The government needs to protect the population from financial risks such as bankruptcy caused by unanticipated and often high medical expenses. For instance, it can avail the option of pre-paid pooled funds that shield the people against expensive health care bills (World Health Organization 12). Thus, governments should provide UHC.

By considering the sustainability of a UHC program, political leaders can implement it as a means of promoting progress in society. Undertaking such an initiative can have a significant positive impact on society while delivering federal benefits concurrently (World Health Organization 14). It is crucial for the government, as a primary stakeholder in public health care systems, to acknowledge the need to move toward pursuing unique approaches that can transform the population's health status. For instance, it can commit to increase resource allocation and funding to projects aimed at enhancing the quality of services.


Overall, the government ought to provide affordable health coverage to all people and communities. As a primary determinant of the success of the health sector, it plays a significant role in pushing the agenda for UHC. Besides, it is crucial to ensure that the existing system does not limit access to quality medical care due to financial resources. The benefits that arise from broad coverage include improved overall health status of the population and reduced exposure to financial risks due to high costs. Therefore, considering that UHC leads to equity in access to health services, the government should strive to pursue it.

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