Women, Abortion, and Social Inequity - Essay Sample

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Women and gender inequities are still widely discussed in modern society. Abortion is one of that controversial issue still under review from moral, legal, social, and culturally. Abortion can be spontaneous or induced. Ernest Hemmingway's hills white elephants address abortion as a social issue. The title white elephants are symbolic, and stories in the book require deep understanding and not just the surface of the story. Abortion is an issue in modern society that has an impact on how man and woman relate to each other. In some parts of the world, abortion is never discussed boldly, that is why Ernest story utilizes the classical form to discuss the matter at hand. The story use of clues and not in black and white.

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Method of carrying out abortion is an issue that has been raised among different people in society. Most abortions are performed through methods that include the use of herbs, sharp tools, and forced messages. Abortion is legalized in some parts of the world under the idea that society should give women a chance to make their decisions independently. Through the legalization of abortion, women have a chance to decide on preventing unwanted childbirth. The purpose of carrying out abortion is aimed at to counter unexpected pregnancies as a result of issues such as rape and failed birth controls. Childbirth or rather unplanned pregnancies can result in challenges for both the woman and child during and after the pregnancy. Parents might find it challenging to provide a child with a healthy life and love, therefore, forcing them to carry out an abortion. Hemmingway is a white elephant represents the unwanted pregnancy. There is also the possibility of representing the womanhood eventually when the woman decides to be a wife. Love is all fun and games, but hell break loses in the event a woman gets pregnant. It is therefore important for both the man and woman to makes plans to take care of the baby. The man in the story is not ready to raise the paper, therefore, leaving the woman in dilemma and undecided. In such cases, women resort to carrying out abortion in order to avoid suffering to raise the baby after birth.

Rape is another act raising concerns whether abortion is justified. Abortion is considered as a remedy to preventing childbirth conceived as a result of rape. According to a psychologist, rape in itself hurt victims. The victims get physically, emotionally, and psychologically derailed. Research on outcomes on victims subjected to rape shows that they always find it hard to control and be emotionally stable. It would be even emotionally mean to an individual to raise a child sired because of rape. The baby will always remind the victim of the ordeal hence the reason to go for abortion. Women understand what it means to carry out abortion; men, therefore, are seen as individuals who are clueless and therefore not fit to take part in discussing debates on abortion. The white elephant in Hemmingway's story can be equated to the issue of abortion in a society where men are clueless, but the women have an understanding of the issue. Jig, the girl in the story is the only one who understands the deep meaning of a white elephant. The response from the man that he had never seen a white elephant shows how clueless he was just the same way most men in society do not understand what women go through before deciding to carry out an abortion. Jig sarcastically responded to the man, "No, you would not have" (Hemmingway, 39) It is, therefore, correct to say those controversies surrounding abortion can be solved when both men and women share ideas and understanding.

Religion views on abortion make a center stage for controversies related to abortion. Religious leaders view abortion as an act that should be criminalized since it does follow biblical principles. The argument is that reducing the life of the conceived child through abortion is going against God's creation. Every creature who has been conceived should be allowed to meet the world. Religion draws the position against abortion from scientific research, which suggests that continuous abortion could lead to complications and risk to give conceive. Abortion is a technical process; therefore; it requires experts to carry out. Women for fear of stigmatization and neglect by the society always resort to carrying out an abortion on their own, therefore risking their life. The aftermath of abortion is likely to result in unwanted memories, therefore, attracting prolonged depression - the guilt from carrying out abortion lead to women suffering in silence. The religious position on abortion should be changed to accommodate women decisions without stigmatization. Religious position to oppose abortion indicates how abortion is discussed globally, which different societies have varied opinions. The white elephant is sacred in some countries, while other parts associate it with bad things. The story is written around in the 1920s when many considered it taboo to discuss abortion. The story shows how people back then did not love the idea of discussing abortion, just like in modern society.

The modern society considers the idea of abortion as merely without talking about it in platforms such as media and institutions. From the conversion, Jig finds it wrong to carry out an abortion. Often those advocating for abortion do so in a selfish way, especially if the man is not ready for commitments. Most people in modern society are selfish and think that carrying out abortion is a simple procedure without considering its outcome.

" This is a very simple operation, jig" (48) "This is not complete operation."

The man's opposition is casual and inconsiderate since he is not the one undergoing the operation. Male dominance in society contributes to continued controversies surrounding abortion. Hemmingway's story shows how the man described only as "the American" oppresses Jig. Men view that women are just objecting advances the idea of forcing women to commit abortion without considering their feelings.

Abortion is a life-changing event in life that requires well-determined decision before engaging. Life sometimes teaches us through mistakes from the society where we are raised into. Ernest Hemingway, in his story, refers to the hills as a symbol of uncertainty often witness when a woman needs to decide on whether to carry an abortion or not. The society can limit us to our present situations, forgetting what the future holds. "Then what will we do afterward" (46) Institutions that are tasked with shaping society such as religions should consider how abortion is a life event, therefore; they should provide us with clear directions that can benefit the society instead of condemning the action.

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