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Date:  2022-12-27


The issue of drug abuse has significantly heightened among the youths, and it is proving to be a significant menace toward realizing a healthy population. Indeed, adolescents represent a substantial side of the population, which occupies the most vulnerable group as far as substance abuse and drug addiction are concerned. As a result, there is a need for an inter-professional approach by immediately taking action about this problem to examining the most effective policy measure to be put in place to deal with the issue of substance abuse and addiction among youths to save the future generation.

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In order to effectively address the issue of drug abuse among youths, the healthcare team should use the interprofessional team. The purpose of the interprofessional team targets to improving the healthcare of the affected individuals. The knowledge and prowess issued to health practitioners who happen to constitute the larger population of the interprofessional team enhances the subjection of the powers on the young people suffering from drug and substance abuse (Bellamoli et al. 2014). The affected group in the case study is youths, and the choice and settlement for the vulnerable groups as the environments young people associate spearheaded youths and interact. The symptoms showcased by the affected individuals' displays the late stages of addiction among teenagers. The condition that leaves drug users at positions of regret and sufferings facilitates the moves of the interprofessional team in boosting the immune systems of drug addicts. The initial step undertaken in controlling the addiction of individuals into the consumption of drugs begins from creating drug awareness among youths in various environments. The illiterate child would be guided using vernacular languages that best suits their levels of understandings while the literate individuals would incorporate social media in the diversification of threats related to drug consumptions. After the exposure of individuals to the risks associated with drugs, the interprofessional team would educate the affected individuals on the measures of avoiding drugs. Oxycontin cold turkey is an example of an action which when incorporated among drug addicts assists in the reduction of drug consumption. The interprofessional team would also discharge treatment programs among the affected population and engage the young people in talks that bear positivity regarding the concerns of drug addiction.

On the other hand, the issue of drug abuse can be prevented using prevention interventions. Prevention interventions are classified into several universal classes, indicated and selected. The universal intervention targets all individuals of a specific populace like children of a given age. The indicated intervention will target persons already using substances although they have not developed a disorder from the abuse of the substance. The selective intervention aims a subgroup, which is at high risk for substance use. Research has shown that a significant portion of substance abuse related problems originate from individuals at lower risk since it is the largest group in the whole populace compared to people at high-risk. In the case of substance abuse among youths, the most appropriate prevention intervention to cater for all teenagers is the universal intervention. The benefits of comprehensive intervention are that it has a high potential for reaching out to almost the entire population.

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