48 Best Physics Term Paper Topics

48 Best Physics Term Paper Topics

Published by on 2021-08-10 18:24:49

Well, your task is to immerse yourself in the incredible world of physics by writing a term paper on this subject. And you’re glad to perform this paper assignment, but there is the funny thing: you can’t develop physics topics to write about. But don’t worry! This is because our article is aimed at solving this problem. So continue to read it, and you’ll see lots of ideas you can write about in your research paper! So let’s dive in. 

How to Come Up With a Physics Term Paper Topic: 2 Keys

To develop an amazing theme for your term, you should follow two rules. 

1. Know Your Subject Inside Out

To learn the ins and outs of physics, you should:

  • bury yourself in books on physics;
  • read articles in scientific journals;
  • watch films about your subject;
  • do your researches.

Also, it’s a good idea to communicate with professors to talk with them about physics.

2. Be Aware of Trends

But there is no point in knowing the ropes of physics if you aren’t aware of trends. For example, if you know all rules in marketing, but they’re old, you’ll fail in your studies. This is because science is moving ahead, and you should stalk its trends and know all discoveries in it. 

The List of Physics Research Paper Topics

Any field has its branches in science, whether it be endocrinology, linguistics, or another one. The same situation is with physics. 

Your task is to decide which area of this subject you’ll explore. Let’s go through niches in it. 

Common Themes

If your deadlines are tight and you have no time to think about physics topics for a paper, the best bet for you is to consider common ideas. For example:

  1. Careers in Physics.
  2. Job Trends in Medical Physics.
  3. Space Explorations.
  4. Time Explorations.
  5. String Theory Ethics.
  6. M-Theory.
  7. Newton’s Laws.
  8. Stephen Hawking and Contemporary Physics. 
  9. The Birth of Condensed-Matter Physics.
  10. Physics and the Development of Sports Equipment. 

If common topics aren’t your cup of tea, and you want to write on a difficult theme, let’s go through the areas on our subject. Maybe you’ll find the topic that appeals to you most. 

Classical Physics

Classical physics is an area of physics that we study at school. Exploring such a field of science, we learn the basic rules of the world. Moreover, such an area has its own niches where you can do your study. 


It’s fascinating to explore how energy affects bodies in the world. So consider the following themes:

  1. Structure and Dynamics of Small-Scale Turbulence in Vaporizing Two-Phase Flows.
  2. The Uniqueness of Gait Kinematics in a Cohort Study.
  3. Mechanical Activities of Self-Beating Cardiomyocyte Aggregates Under Mechanical Compression.
  4. Overlimiting Current Near a Nanochannel.

And we head to one more field in our subject — optics. 


This area includes all things that are related to things related to our vision. Let’s see ideas for your research paper on physics:

  1. Optics and Patterns of Sights.
  2. Antimatter From Laser Pincers.
  3. Modeling Dispersion Compensation in a Cascaded-Fiver-Feedback Optical Parametric Oscillator. 
  4. Scattering Properties in Solid-Core Polarization-Maintaining Photonic Crystal Fibers. 

Let’s move to another area on our subject — thermodynamics.


Such a niche learns relations between four things:

  • heat;
  • work;
  • temperature;
  • energy.

Thermodynamics considers all things in our world as complex systems. And its main task is to understand and describe how energy changes in such systems. Let’s see topics on it:

  1. General Principles of Thermodynamics.
  2. Engineering Thermodynamics.
  3. Hybrid Electric Vehicles.
  4. Techno-Economic Optimization of Medium Temperature Solar-Driven Subcritical Organic Rankine Cycle. 
  5. Thermal Energy Modelling for Optimal Microgrids Management. 

So it’s time to move to other physics fields. 

Engineering Physics

Such an area of physics combines different subjects: 

  • biology;
  • math;
  • chemistry;
  • engineering.

And, of course, such a subject includes physics itself. So pay attention to related physical science research paper topics:

  1. Engineering Mechanisms: Statics and Dynamics. 
  2. The flow of a Micropolar Fluid Over a Curved Stretching Surface.
  3. Automated Plant Watering System.
  4. Secondary Flows of Viscoelastic Liquids in Straight Tubes.
  5. Hydrogen Passivation.
  6. Mass Exchange Between a Solid Spherical Body and a Current-Carrying Liquid. 

Of course, it’s cool to solve engineering problems by using physics, but what if you like Space? 


Astronomy and astrophysics go hand in hand. Therefore, you can explore something that is related to astrophysics or goes between such two fields in science. Let’s see topics:

  1. A Fundamental Mechanism of Solar Eruption Initiation.
  2. The Origin and Evolution of Magnetic White Dwarf in Close Binary Stars. 
  3. Rogue Planets.
  4. Physical and Orbital Properties of the Stellar System HIP 43766. 
  5. Parker Solar Probe. 
  6. Collisionless Relaxation of a Disequilibrated Current Sheet and Implications for Bifurcated Structures. 
  7. The Magnetic Field Across the Molecular Warped Disk of Centaurus A. 
  8. Extended Envelopes Around Galactic Cepheids — V. 
  9. Dark Matter Capture and Annihilation in Stars. 
  10. Star Formation History of Galaxies in Spectral Synthesis Methods. 

Apart from Space, there is one more thing that it’s exciting to explore — nuclear physics. 

Nuclear Physics

If protons and neutrons are your preference, think about the following topics for your project:

  1. Nuclear Weapons.
  2. Industrial and Agricultural Isotopes.
  3. Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 
  4. Patchy Nuclear Chain Reactions.
  5. Possible Overestimation of Isomer Depletion due to Contamination.

If you aren’t interested in nuclear physics, it’s a good idea to consider the next area — geophysics. 


Such a field of our subject explores the physics of the Earth. If you like to discover something new on the building of our planet, consider the following ideas for your paper:

  1. Quantification of Pedogenic Particles Masked by a Geogenic Magnetic Fraction.
  2. Crustal Structure in the Campanian Region. 
  3. Two End-Member Earthquake Preparations Illuminated by Foreshock Activity on a Meter-Scale Laboratory Fault. 
  4. Eruptions and Their Magma Bodies.

Well, that’s all. We’ve listed interesting themes that you may like. 

The Bottom Line

So you can do the two things. The first is that you can take some topic of this article and write a paper on it. Or the second way: get inspired by the above ideas and try to develop your own one. Maybe it’ll be difficult, but it is worth it as a fabulous theme is half of your path to getting the best score for your study.