Best Digital Marketing Term Paper Topics

Best Digital Marketing Term Paper Topics

Published by on 2021-08-10 16:02:42

The digital world is the second world we’re building together. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that professors give you the assignment to write a term paper on digital promotion. But sometimes, students struggle with the idea of their piece of work. If you’re one of such students, continue to read this article. You’ll find multiple marketing research topics that you can take as a theme of your paper or just get inspired by them. So let’s dive in. 

How to Find Digital Marketing Term Paper Topics

Now we’ll tell you the two main ways to come up with a cool idea for your study. But don’t forget that such tips are useful only if you’re all about your niche for a long time.

Know the Ropes of Your Subject

Knowing your subject inside out is the secret to how to find amazing themes for your study. If you know digital marketing processes, if you’re aware of the main instruments in the promotion on the Internet, you’ll easily come up with interesting topics. 

Be Aware of Trends

Also, it’s a good idea to know what trends are in your niche. For example, in 2021, people are crazy about video marketing. But it’s clear that video isn’t the appropriate format for the promotion of each business. It doesn’t seem enough to say, ‘People like watching videos,’ you have to know the particularity of the business you’re advertising. So from such thoughts, new social media marketing research topics are born:

  1. Is Video Marketing as Useful as People Think?
  2. Does Video Promotion Suit for Every Business?
  3. Why Is Video Marketing Profitable?

We’ve told you how to find cool ideas for your paper. So let’s see the list of such ideas related to different tools of digital promotion. 

The List of Marketing Research Topics

Here, we’ll show you multiple themes for your study. Choose the niche that you like most and explore ideas from there. Let’s dive in. 


Social Media Marketing is considered the most popular tool of promotion on the Internet. This is because many people spend hours on social media and purchase products according to social networks recommendations. Then, you can reveal some topics related to SMM:

  1. How Does Social Media Impact People’s Choice?
  2. Why Is SMM Important in the Year 2021?
  3. Is It Better to Hire a Freelancer or Turn to an SMM Agency?

So, apart from SMM, one type of promotion is becoming more and more popular. It’s influencer marketing. 

Influencer Marketing

People trust influencers. Some users say that influencers understand them more than their friends. So it isn’t surprising that people prefer to purchase the product which their favorite influencer has recommended on Instagram. So thinking about it, you can come up with fascinating ideas:

  1. How to Choose an Influencer for Promotion?
  2. What Should You Keep in Mind When Turning to an Influencer?

The good news is that the Internet is full of statistics that will help you write an incredible piece of work. And we move to another marketing tool — email letters.  

Email Letters

Email letters help people keep in touch with their customers and potential ones. There are many rules that entrepreneurs have to follow if they want to evaluate their business to the next level. So you can talk about it in your research paper on The Main Rules That Entrepreneurs Should Follow. 

Likewise, don’t forget to consider the following themes:

  1. The Importance of Email Marketing in 2021.
  2. Is It Profitable to Combine SMM and Email Marketing?

As you see, you can come up with different topics easily. And sometimes, you even shouldn’t know all digital promotion tools. For example, you can consider only the technical part of the promotion — SEO. So let’s talk about this niche. 


It may be considered as a shaded part of marketing. But it leads business to the next level. SEO can be compared with providing cybersecurity: customers don’t see it, but your business is safe and sound thanks to such a procedure. 

So let’s explore some digital marketing research topics:

  1. What Is the Difference Between SEO in 2011 and 2021?
  2. Why Does SEO Be so Important in the Year 2021?
  3. White, Gray, and Black SEO: Difference and Legality. 

You can watch interviews of famous SEO specialists, read articles about this niche, and communicate with freelancers that are good at search engine optimization. The more you dip into the niche, the more you can say about it and, accordingly, explore it. 

The Bottom Line

So we’ve listed advertising research topics for you. Take your time and spend hours looking for the fabulous idea. If you love the subject you write on, themes will appear by themselves. If you hate your subject, it will be difficult not only to find a topic — you’ll suffer when writing. So choose and dive into the niche that appeals to you most!