A Letter on Current Immigration Law Reforms in the US Under President Trump and Impacts on Civil Rights and Liberties

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Date:  2022-10-20

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This letter is to elucidate the details of current president trump's policies on immigration law. Most significantly the ones directly impact on civil rights and liberties. Lately, the lawful immigrant's population tolls to about 34 million (Krogstad & Gonzalez-Barrera, 2018)

Quite a good number live and work under the latitude of a green card, which guarantees a legitimate permanent residence in the country. The rests are students and workers who enjoy the privilege of temporary visas. The unauthorized immigrant population of about 1 million also resides in the US under temporary permission, courtesy of arrangements such as Temporary Protected Status and DACA. It is as much important to bring to attention to the implications of Trump's administration reforms as it is to appreciate the framework to be reformed.

As of 2016, Family-based immigration permitted issuance of the green card on the basis of; spouse, sibling or even a parent living in the US as a citizen or a green card holder. This was often the case in the spirit of family reunification. Current proposal under President Trump seeks to restrict it to spouses and minor children. The Trump's regime proposes that the other family members would only be allowed in under the limited green cards of the skills-based system. Owing to stringent stand on refugee admission law reform, 2017 showed a record lowest entry of refugees since 2007. The number has even been capped to a lower value in the current fiscal year of 2018. This is certainly a derailment to the civil rights and liberties of the individual refugees fleeing their countries. Trump's administration froze refugee admission in the early days of his regime, on concerns of insecurity. This was later resumed intermittently for some 'high risk' countries and eventually for all nations. While the reforms are well-meaning to the stability of American security, they might be against the spirit of upholding human rights.

The Trump administration has also moved to reform the Employment-Based Green-cards replaces it with Point System. One important aspect of the infringement on the liberties of job-seeking Americans is that the new reform has eliminated immigrant investor's green cards. This means that the investment scope in the US economy has been strained further and job creation is at stake.

The current GOP regime has also proposed to eliminate the 'Diversity Visa' of 1995 through which the US intends to diversify the immigrant population. Other visas that the regime has promised to influence include the H-1B. The federal government intends to restrict the period within which the visa holder would be eligible to work in America. This visa program grants temporary employment to immigrants.

Other temporary permissions under stringent immigration law reforms include the DACA and the temporary protected status. Trump eliminated the DACA program in 2017, and the matter is before the federal court for determination. On the other hand, Trump has declined renewal of temporary protected status in subsequent years. This restriction would affect immigrants from countries like Haiti, South Sudan, Nicaragua as well as El Salvador. This may exacerbate human rights violation in countries like South Sudan with protracted civil conflicts through denial of asylum.

Therefore the proposed immigration law reforms may upon enforcement impact negatively on the lives of applicants who undergo various atrocities in their home countries. The Supreme Court upholding travel ban by Trump's administration against some countries reeks of anti-civil liberty. For instance, citizens of Iran, Yemen, Syria, Libya, and Somalia among others are not welcomed in the US. The closing of the San Ysidro port is an effect of such restrictions, in which case Mexican migrants were brutalized by border patrol police. Denial of federal funding for sanctuary cities upon refusal to cooperate with Trump on the new immigration legal framework jeopardizes further our civil rights and liberties.

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