A Trip to Vietnam Helped This Son Make Peace With His Dad's Death - Article Analysis

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Date:  2021-07-02

The Title of the article that I have chosen is A Trip to Vietnam Helped This Son Make Peace with His Dad's Death.

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The article offers a vivid description of the manner in which Robert Howard II encountered tremendous difficulties in his life in the process of trying to understand the death of his father. Notably, Army Sgt, Robert Louis Howard the father of Robert II was killed in action during the 1969 Vietnam War. At the time of death, Robert was barely 4-years old and did not quite understand what was happening around the environment he lived. Robert clearly remembers not crying during the funeral and thought that the whole process was a magic show. He asserts that the only thing he remembers was seeing him in the casket, the draping of the flag and the closing of the casket. Robert was like, Where did he go?

According to Roberto Vincent, Howards ex-wife, Robert II greatly struggled with life but she was not in the position to help him. However, she would occasionally visualize that God would take her and bring back the dad because, at that time, Robert needed much more than any other person (A Trip to, 2017). To cope up with psychological tortured that dominated his life, Robert II had to engage in drugs as a remedy. However, he believed that the drugs would not be the lasting solution. Interestingly, a dream in one of the nights emerged as his permanent relief. Regarding the vision got from the dream, Robert made it to Vietnam with the aim of laying his dad to rest. He carried the gold medallion to Vietnam to Vietnam, took it off and felt relieved. Robert believed that at that time, he had made peace with his fathers death and therefore led a normal life afterward.

Major adjustment issue in chosen article

As noted in the selected article, Robert II may have struggled with is the social cognitive theory. In reality, the social cognitive theory postulates that learning occurs in a social context with a changing and mutual interaction between an individual, environment and behavior (Sommerville & Decety, 2017). This theory puts substantial emphasis on social influence and the environment in which people perform a given action (Santrock, 2006). Besides, the approach considers an individuals past experiences as the factors which determine whether or not a behavioral action will take place. Robert Howard II was significantly affected by the death of his father. In fact, his life was dominated by this experience and even resorted to seeking relief through substance abuse. Her mother believed that the presence of Roberts further could have impacted tremendously by his behavior, actions, and development during his youthful years. Despite finding himself in such obstacles, Robert II could have developed self-efficacy so as to improve his level of confidence in her ability to successfully perform given behavior. While it is undeniable that self-efficacy are influenced by environmental factors such as barriers and facilitators, Robert II could have adjusted and strived to gain the social capabilities that are enhanced by other factors other than his father.

Three (3) evidence-based strategies from chosen article

Provision of emotional support

As demonstrated in the article, Robert Howard II did not understand that at the time of his fathers death, he needed emotional support. Once Robert was informed and made to understand about the death of his father, he would have processed his initial grief emotions and ultimately accept that the death often occurs and cannot be avoided. At this point, Robert could be able to re-engage in the daily life. His father I know could have had a significant parental impact on his life and particularly during development, but the mother could as well help provide the same roles.

Demonstrate harmonious relationship with other people

Robert needed to embrace a harmonious relationship with other people such as the family members and friends to enhance his adjustment skills. Specifically, his mother could have facilitated the entire process towards Roberts resilience and self-efficacy. It is undeniable that Robert needed his father more, but his absence could not have acted as an obstacle towards his achievements as a growing young boy. It goes without say that acceptance and developing self-efficacy and capability is a useful tool to fight psychologically-related obstacles.

Communicate and built trust with mother

Parents play crucial roles in the lives of their children. However, Roberts IIs mother seemed to play little role in his sons life. It is evident that at that time, he needed his father a lot than any other thing. However, the absence of his father could not have been a stumbling block for his actions or accomplishments. Frequent communication with the mother and being taught the meaning of death was important and could have played an essential role in Roberts life. In reality, Robert may not have known that this strategy could help him enhance his adjustment skills.

Evidence-based strategy I feel is best suited in chosen article

In my opinion, the best strategy for adjustment that I would recommend for the people in the article is the provision of emotional support. Notably, Robert needed to be directed to a pathway of resilience so as to accept and cope up with the situation of his fathers death. People learn numerous things from the environment they live. Robert faces obstacles in adjusting to the death of his father, and therefore, emotional support and counselling at an early age could help have helped him lead a normal life just after his fathers death.


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A Trip to Vietnam Helped This Son Make Peace with His Dad's Death [Audio file] (2017, May 19). Retrieved from http://www.npr.org/2017/05/19/528947938/a-trip-to-vietnam-helped-this-son-make-peace-with-his-dads-death

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