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The ABO blood group organization established In Australia purposely to collects and supply blood across Australia (Donor, 2019). The organization targets the clients amidst stiff competition since the brand value help meet the customer's satisfaction. Notably, the brand value is considered a marketing strategy employed to help meet clients in entire Australia. The organization embraces positivity as a way of staying relevant in a competitive market to help source for enough blood needed to supply the needy customers. On the same account, accessibility is a core value in demand as it allows the indigent clients to get them ready blood supply. Besides, the young population forms the larger group in urgent need of blood; this is conducted effectively with friends in mind.

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The Client and Client's Competitors

The ABO organization is considered a state-owned blood bank whose emergence into the market is viewed as a strategy to end the monopoly in blood centers(Royal,2019). Imperatively, the blood banks owned and managed by the state of Victoria in Australia will be assigned the sole responsibility to collect and supply the needed amount o blood to the targeted clients. Since the culture of blood donation in Australia is not sufficient, the organization will be mandated, enlighten the population on the importance of blood donation. More significantly, the mobilization on blood donation is to be conducted in designated learning institutions and universities(Royal,2019). The emergence of this organization into the market, particularly in Melbourne city in Victoria will provide a choice in which both blood donors and recipients could access the relevant services. Significantly, the ABO blood bank is accessible and located in various institutions such as Melbourne, Monash RMIT Universities, respectively.

Similarly, the mobile centers will also be considered across Victoria to allow the targeted population to access the relevant services. The relevancy of this organization into the market is granted positive as the services intend to offer a solution to the problem of inadequate blood supply. Even though there are few organization offering the blood donations and supply services, the Australia Red Cross is considered a great competitor. On the same account, the personality perception of this organization into the market is positive as it intends to educate the young people on the importance of blood donation.


In Australia, the Red Cross society seem to dominate the market, and therefore the ABO blood organization must exemplify the high competitive ability to remain relevant in the market

(Donor, 2019)t. It is imperative to note that, by developing substantial brand value, the ABO organization can easily penetrate the highly monopolized market by the Red Cross. To stay relevant and competitive in the market, the ABO blood bank can rely on offering a wide range of services as compared to the competitors. Significantly, the functions may include body transplantation, migration support, emergency management, international aid, and community support as a way of meeting the demands of the customers. On the same account, the organization can also rely on effective mobilization and education to enlighten young people on the importance of blood donation. Conversely, by because, the market in Australia is entirely dominated by Red Cross which has been in existence since 1914, the brand value is, therefore, the most effective competitive tool

Target Audience

The ABO organization targets the population who are in good physical health between the age of 14-45 years, particularly the university students. The targeted donors require the necessary education on the importance of conducting the donation. Since this is a humanitarian program aimed at addressing the blood deficit during crises; the targeted population is therefore guaranteed effective services. On the same account, both volunteer donors and those ones by choice can donate blood regularly to help meet the blood deficit and accessibility within the country. The blood donations are considered the unusual norm and therefore can be achieved with anxiety, especially among the females. It is therefore imperative to note that, specific approaches such as recruitment method may be considered to help meet the required amount of blood in the bank. On the other hand, the behavioral patterns of donors indicate that those between 18-25 years are likely to donate blood frequently as compared to the other group who may be busy at work and with the family. Similarly, the consumers may rely on regular updates on the social media platforms as well as visiting the blood donations stations. Research reveals that the behavioral patterns of various individuals with regards to donations vary with age. Between 18-25 years, the audience regularly donates blood, as opposed to 26-35 who are busy at work and 36-45 spending much time with the family. Before donation, the donors should be enlightened on the pre-requisite conditions necessary to make one eligible for donations.

Audience Encounter

Through the social media platform and by physically visiting the donations centers located within the city, the targeted population, especially the university students, can easily access and interact with the services offered. Tentatively, the adverts and the use of brochures is useful as it can meet both the students and the entire population. The ability of the audiences to gain access and have a full encounter with the products offered is essential as it allows the targeted audiences to meet the products in the market. On the same account, the concept of visibility should be embraced to help convey a positive impression on the products and services offered. Since the market is entirely monopolized effective communication by using televisions, social media should be considered to help communicate with the audiences.

Visibility (Physical & Communication)

Since the donation centers will be located within the institution, several obstructions will be witnessed, which will require rapid attention. For instance, by establishing small departments within the university to acts as donation points, they might not be visible to the targeted population. Therefore, leaflets, banners as well as signage fitted with the visual identity to direct the consumers to the donation points.


The ABO blood group centers embrace the use of media communication by creating accounts both in face book, twitter, and Instagram as a way of connecting to the targeted audiences. In this platform, the information about the organization can be obtained by the interested audiences at will. More importantly, the organization supported by the government is mandated to educate the targeted population on the importance of regular donation of blood. The organization also has a website containing the collaborating agencies such as the universities with several adverts to help meet the designated audiences. In line with the visibility, the organization can be branded on the following parameters

Website: highly effective

Display ads/ Outdoor ads: highly effective

Social media: mid to highly effective

According to the profile of the ABO is funded by the state in collaboration with universities and restaurants. Notably, this collaborative approach is considered vital as it allows sufficient visibility and communication to meet customer's satisfaction. Since this is an anon profit-making organization, by disseminating the values among different collaborating agencies can help reach the target audiences. Since the Australian red cross seems to enjoy the full monopoly of the market, the use of social media platforms can be sufficient to help advertise the products and services offered.


The brand identity should include colors which are bold with several illustrations of blood droplets in visual assets, mainly in the blood donations. The design is likely to differ from the competitors, especially the Red Cross, to help tap into the targeted audiences.


The target audiences by the organization are the young people hence, fresh and friendly designs should be considered to help tap into the consumer base just like the competitors. Significantly, this personality is essential; it helps set the standards and brand values within the organization. Therefore the consumers should be enlightened on the benefits of blood donations in the market.


"Donor Behavior." Australian Red Cross Blood Service. Australian Red Cross. Accessed August 25, 2019. https://www.donateblood.com.au/research/donor-behaviour.

"Royal Charter Consolidated and Fourth Supplemental Charter." Australian Red Cross. Accessed August 25, 2019. http://www.redcross.org.au/files/Royal_Charter_Consolidated_and_Fourth_Supplemental_Charter.

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