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Date:  2022-09-12


Hiking is one of my major interests and hobbies that I always enjoy engaging in. Hiking can involve walking, biking, and mountain climbing in nature as a recreational activity. Therefore, hiking is important especially for the people in sedentary occupations as it is a natural exercise that promotes physical activity and engagement that is good for physical fitness. I like hiking as it is economical and convenient and requires no special equipment most of the times. It should be noted that in hiking, one can walk as far as they want hence there is no physical strain unless when walking past hills and mountains. Hiking has become an important interest to me especially with the studied benefits regarding health and social behavior. It has been established that for decades, the general answer for all kind of ailments is "walk it off" (Marselle et al. 5605). Walking outdoors and engaging in outdoor activities has widely been accepted as a cure for many kinds of problems including stress and anxiety to the feeling of sluggishness. Therefore, my interest in hiking as a hobby is based on the notable benefits it has on humans including improving the mental well-being, helping people in social lives, and physical fitness among other health and social benefits.

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Hiking creates a community where one can meet like-minded people when done in a group. During the weekends, I can engage in mountain hikes with my friends and colleagues who bring together walking enthusiasts from different places and in school. Hiking has been an incredible social event that the group can enjoy while interacting and chatting with different guests about the experiences of walking. When walking in a group, I actively encourage all the other walkers to get to know each other before we begin the daily walks. This interests me as when engaging walks and hikes in challenging areas peaks, one needs the comfort of colleagues to deal with the situation of challenging moments. This is also imperative as it helps everyone to be mentally in the walk which facilitates an enjoyable time. It should be noted that booking onto one of the walking weekend's hikes with friends brings a great view, plenty of fresh air in the journey, as well as important exercise. This is imperative in addition to the super social event benefit it has. Considering that human beings are social beings, hiking is imperative as it brings people together and helps them to relax away from the daily challenges and economic engagements.

Hiking is an interesting and recommended activity for everyone who wants to meet like-minded people in informal situations where they can share freely without limitations of time of space. I have established that our walks as groups when hiking are guaranteed to be surrounded by people who passionately get involved in the walking and are interested in getting out of nature as much as they can. It should be noted that in normal everyday life, it may be very difficult to find people who want to talk about the thrill of hiking across a mountain especially in urban areas (Marselle et al. 5607). Therefore, hiking is a perfect opportunity to strike conversations with people who are likely to understand what you are talking about as both of you share experiences and meet people who are passionate about the activity. This can help people get the information about the future walks hence making it an incredible fun. Besides, I have found hiking to create a sense of community. It should be noted that, for example, mountain walking is not a different activity from other activities where a community of people is passionate about. In contrast, mountain walking is surrounded by people who appreciate taking part in the activity which entails a feeling of what makes people be passionate about it. Therefore, hiking has demonstrated significant social benefits for personal development.

Being part of an enthusiastic community facilitates making new friends which is an imperative aspect of group hiking. When engaging in an enthusiastic community, it offers important support and encouragement to different people which creates a sense of belonging (Brill et al. 1485). People do not want to be excluded from others. One way to ensure that people feel appreciated is by walking together and sharing interesting stories. Therefore, walking through a forest or up a mountain creates benefits of enjoyment and personal fulfillment. In hiking, friends can come with their friends, hence the opportunity to meet and make new friends. Everyone is eager to learn about others especially the ones that you never had to meet before. Considering that the people hiking are like-minded, they are always eager to hear the stories of others. This creates affection and interest as well as cohesiveness among new people. When shares even the stories that are very challenging in life, they can be relieved and the rest of the group can learn from the situation and encourage the person. Therefore, hiking is an opportunity for people to learn about what others go through in their lives and in different corners of the country hence establishing a good foundation for friendship and companionship.

The incremental of the outdoor activities have been studied in recent years regarding their economic and environmental impact including personal benefits. Hiking is one of the outdoor activities that has created a proliferation of the social sport trackers sites that enables people to share as well as comment their tracks and the training measurements (Lera et al. 2). This has been noted to solve the problems of social behavior. The problem of modeling human behavior in the urban, as well as the natural environments, has widely been evaluated. Therefore, studies have demonstrated that hiking improves the overall human fitness as well as builds muscles hence keeping a person of fit. Exercise is noted to be an important aspect of the overall health and wellbeing of individuals. People are always reminded of the importance of regular exercises in staying healthy. Hiking is one of the activities that offer regular exercises important for people's fitness when done regularly. As opposed to the ever-looming presence of gym with sterile machines and intimidating hardcore patrons, hiking comes in which contributes to overall fitness while taking away boredom.

Cardiovascular activities like running as well as cycling have significantly been encouraged due to their health benefits. However, hiking has been noted to offer equal if not better benefits to the person. Hiking is one of the ways that one can lose weight hence demonstrating the advantage on top of building muscles. It has been established that hiking can help one lose about 440 to 550 calories per hour (Brill et al. 1486). When one has personal goals regarding weight gain and lose, losing weight has become a significant interest among many people globally. Making it an interesting addiction can be one of the important ways of losing weight. Additionally, hiking improves blood pressure and even lowers the risk of heart disease. Therefore, it can be established that the benefits of regular exercise are all-encompassing. For people with increased blood pressure, hiking plays a vital role in lowering it. According to the CDC, walking an hour a day for five days a week cuts the risk of experiencing stroke by half (Lera et al. 3). Hiking is, therefore, an important activity of interest that helps one grow healthy and fit.

Hiking has immense mental and psychological benefits that should be encouraged and is interest to engage in the activity. Getting out of the house and the indoor space enables one to spend most of the time while enjoying the tranquility of nature as well as the stimulating fresh breeze which does wonders to the soul. Therefore, the conditions such as anxiety, depression, and stress among other psychological difficulties are dealt with while hiking (Brill et al. 1487). Besides, hiking helps one to heal. Studies have suggested that hiking can help the body recover from some serious conditions such as cancer. In this regard, evidence demonstrates that hiking could have an important role in improving the antioxidative capacity of oncological patients. This is imperative considering that hiking makes one creative. Therefore, hiking is great for the mind which implies that regular engagement in the activity can make one more creative. When walking through different places, valleys, forests, mountains, and rugged areas, one experiences creativity and mind-power that facilitates peoples' abilities to focus. In this regard, hiking is an important physical activity that has a lot of benefits to overall wellness.


In conclusion, my interest in hiking has a hobby has been motivated with the desire to interact hence develop socially and heal emotionally. The analysis demonstrated that hiking has a lot of social and health benefits. Hiking makes people happier as it removes possible boredom. Due to its many health benefits, hiking has been recommended as a form of therapy in many situations. Besides, hiking is a basic form of physical training to many sporting activities. Considering that hiking can be involving in different scenarios such as mountains, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing, it facilitates a lot of muscle movement which enables their development hence overall fitness. Therefore, should be encouraged due to immense social and health benefits and overall human fitness.

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