Personal Statement: My Struggle with American Football

Paper Type:  Personal statement
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  594 Words
Date:  2022-09-26


My love for football begun way back as a young boy as I listened to family and friends make predictions on who would win in the upcoming games. I was welcome to watch the games and was thrilled by the energy in the room as the mood escalated dramatically as the spectator's cheered the team they supported. Although I understood little regarding the rules of the game, at only eight years old I had already gained compassion for football. I could synchronize with the cheering and ovations of the ones around me in joyance of the rush back and forth of the well sport-groomed players. It was a new-found passion that got the better of me.

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As I grew older, my love for football grew stronger; I could not hold the desire to play any longer. At fourth grade, I wrote a compelling and lucid essay citing my passion and earnestness convincing my parents to allow me to play in which they signed me up for the local peewee. Football has been a centerpiece in my life as it has served as a means through which I have intensely connected with my family. For instance, in middle school, my uncle gifted me with an NFL replica jersey, and at eighth grade, my father surprised me with tickets to my first game at the historic Soldier Field which was the coldest Bears games ever recorded.

Upon reaching high school, I ensued in lifting weights and partaking in speed drills in a bid to boost my gaming physique eyeing the all-stars. My devotedness paid off earning me a starting position in the high school team which I not only enjoyed but also to the glee of my family members who attended almost every game. Challenges in the transition from childhood and young adulthood did not deter me from football. Football stood as my best component in fostering a concrete bond between friends and family. It helped me in connecting with people around the school and community. More so, I learned the importance of discipline and hard work, and I struggled with the understanding that professional football could cause more harm than good.

However, in 2016, a news headline caught my eye stated that "The NFL Acknowledges a Link between Football, CTE". I set out to find the truth of the matter through research of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) and the connection between it and football. Scientific evidence linked brain damage to football and cited a significant number of former players suffering from CTE. Moreover, violence and behavioral issues connected to CTE allied misfortunes of high-profile players including suicide. It became clear of the NFL denial of the connection with the disease. In realization of the NFL denial, injuries caused, and my love for football, I was in a dilemma deciding on the path ahead. All the while, my passion for the sport was crumbling as I saw the act as a public disservice and downright evil.


In tandem with the events, I am overwhelmed by ethical concerns. Being an engineering professional, it called for scientific evidence to convince me of the NFL evils with the unwavering love for football that I had. More importantly, valid concerns of the individual and others wellbeing, I am drawn to study law and learn ethical frameworks that corporations such as NFL should work within. In addition to the experience I have gained in an electoral engineering, studying law will provide a career and enable me to become a great thinker and help me get through any challenge in life.

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