Analysis Essay on the Article The Canada Experiment by Charles Foran

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Date:  2021-07-01

The article, The Canada Experiment: is this the worlds first post-national country, published in the Guardian is authored by Charles Foran a writer and CEO. The expose is published in the guardian behind the backdrop of the countrys call for the establishment of a post nationalistic state. The main argument and position of Foran in his article is the liberal position of Canada on immigration and its open arms to newcomers as it seeks to establish a post nationalistic state. With the high rate of annual immigration, Forans main argument is that Canada is gradually becoming a diverse state with no core identity, and no mainstream. The author maintains that Canada's openness and freethinking attitude towards welcoming other nationals in their country and forging lasting relations remains a unique aspect of the country, a phenomenon that is entirely bewildering in European countries. As many states grapple with challenges of immigration, Canada is taking the opposite stand by acknowledging their readiness for a post-national state. The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, while making the remarks identified Canada's absence of a shared identity, a situation that the locals are prepared to establish. However, despite the call for a post nationalistic state, every nation and or ethnic group has a unique culture and Canada is no exception.

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As the country grapples with the thought of establishing a post-nationalist state, it traces its history to the colonial periods when the British were welcomed and made to thrive and excel in multiple identities. Despite the betrayal of the warm welcome, Canadians forged another way of coexistence and survival. The author emphasizes that Canada did not fall back to the influence of established control, but continued to assert their ability to think outside the box. The author highlights on the country's stress on newcomers abiding by its values, core cultural practices that have defined and shaped the country's social and political fabric. The idea of post-nationalism is a different option of examining the country's principles of the society, economy, and politics. Despite the numerous challenges posed by immigration, Canada wants to stand out as the only country ready to build a post nationalistic society. Additionally, the rise of nativism has led many to view immigrants as forces keen on destabilizing the few opportunities in the job market.


While the establishment of a post nationalistic state is a noble idea, the author fails to engage in some of the most challenging aspects of integrating new cultures into a well-established culture like that of Canada. It is no doubt that the country has a unique culture, based on traditional customs and practices. While it is clear that, the political establishment of the country is keen to diversify its cultural and nationalistic framework, it is left to chance to streamline the country's cultural framework and ideologies to accommodate different upbringing and cultures. However, the author points strongly to the fact that Canada is because of immigrants and many are subscribed to the idea of a post-national country. For example, the author cites that the Canadians welcomed the British into their culture and without holding; anything against their colonial masters continues sharing the belief that a homogeneous society is the best arrangement for the country's future. The country's guiding principle remains inclusion and equality. However, the author fails to acknowledge the diversity that separates the United States and other nations as he points out to the election of Trump and what he stands for as acting in bad faith by what the country stands for in recognizing America as a nation of immigrants. Although the idea is biased from an outsiders point of view, many Americans have had their perception changed after the September 11 bombing of the World Trade Center on accommodating diversities.

On a different note, it is impossible to evolve and become a post nationalistic state with the government spearheading the initiative. Such a status in a nation is only possible with the input of human free will and not through government control and power. Integrating different cultures, therefore, call for cooperation and love and not an aspect or initiative of the governments. Governments manipulate issues, dress up ideologies, and circumvent taking responsibility. Thus, the article may only be right in calls for Canadians to spearhead the good intentions while the government laid down legislations for such an initiative. The state cannot create the necessary conditions for a post nationalistic nation; it can only provide an enabling environment while the people lead in the cooperation and integration.


Every nation and ethnic grouping has a unique cultural framework that defines his or her way of life. Canada is no exception. However, despite different cultures and ways of life, integrating and building a unifying cultural framework that identifies different cultures is one important step to constructing and establishing a post nationalistic state. It is, therefore, no doubt that the author is outlining a possible initiative as evident in a significant number of immigrants arriving in Canada. It remains to be seen if the effort is reasonable and in line with the country's unique way of life. It is no doubt that integrating different cultures and accommodating different nationalities into the country's social framework may pose a challenge to Canada's social cohesion due to the unique cultural context of different ethnicities.

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