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Date:  2021-07-02

Experts Company has an adequate entrenchment in the business marketing industry due to its ten years of operations characterized by the rise in employees. It also establishes a wider catchment for its clients by diversifying its business of linking employers with employees who are graduates, entry level, mid-level, experts, and volunteers. It also saves the companies the time spent in achieving their job description by matching employee expertise with the job requirements. Having two separate websites for the job applicants and employers is important in providing the two entities that are important in its operations ensures that it offers tailored services to them. Its focus on quality is also a source of strategic advantage. The company has to contend with the negative perception among the job seekers that it charges a fee for them to gain access to the right jobs despite the fact that it is only the employees who are charged. It has to resolve this negative idea among the employees to increase the traffic on its site.

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Objectives of the Branding Plan for Experts Company

The goals of the branding program are based on four fundamental identified challenges and aspirations of Experts Company. First, it intends to increase the number of employment seekers from all academic levels including colleges and university that exceeds the projected annual registration of 35000 graduates. Second is to diversify its marketing strategies to involve active employees who have benefited from the services and the undergraduates to spread the awareness of the company and attract more applicants for the company (Best, 2006). The third is to change the perception of the job seekers who feel as being charged to be linked to their potential employers. The fourth goal of the branding plan is to increase the capacity of the company to respond actively to the changes in its operation environment characterized by new competitors. The fifth goal is to enhance the expansion of the business in other cities within its country and of operation (Melewar & Alwi, 2015). The sixth objective is to expand the company niche market through deliberately targeting other potential recruits including school leavers which do not have the plan to pursue college or university education. This strategic aspect of branding is based on the understanding that other jobs do not necessarily require professional training hence the school leavers easily fit into their operations.

Strategy for Experts Company

The branding strategy for Experts Company is based on the principles of SMART operations. It means that the strategic objectives pursued will be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Responsible and Timely (Wheeler, 2017). Based on the understanding in the dynamism typical in any free market, the branding will establish best-case scenarios, medium case scenarios and worst-case scenario (Melewar & Alwi, 2015). Through these scenarios, it will be possible to remain proactively in control of changes in the operations environment. The branding strategy will involve sensitization campaigns to enable prospective clients about the services offered by the company, which is serving as a bridge between potential employees and their respective employers (Rick & Niren, 2005). Second is to provide periodic concessions to loyal companies that advertise vacancies through the companys website.

The other initiative is to conduct a comprehensive sensitization campaign to confer on the website users that the company is profit making but does not exploit the job seekers. The other strategic move is to charge competitive prices compared to the other businesses in the industry that offer similar services (Best, 2006). Premium charges should only be embraced when the market has already appreciated the activities performed by the company and known why it is better hence a willingness for them to pay for it. The company will also establish a liaison unit within every college and university to provide a seamless transition of graduates from college to employment. Liaisons ae important within the concept of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances. Other strategies include;

Creating a compelling value proposition for both employers and employees using the website.

Building a pervasive brand recognition and leveraging brand equities affiliated with expert company

Leverage the investments in technology investments to create a measurable marketing and electronic commerce platform, which provide for measurability, personalization, and integration with our sponsors.

The Marketing Mix for Experts Company

Non-traditional marketing platform such as social media will perform a critical role in enabling the company to enter into the youth-dominated catchments, which forms the largest population of job seekers. As opposed to the competition for bigger markets, the company will venture in grassroots marketing (Rick & Niren, 2005). The best marketing mix for the company involves;1. Engaging in Guerrilla / Grassroots Marketing

2. Embracing Internet Advertising

3. Mainstreaming online affiliations

4. Developing Internet Mutual Links

5. Building strategic alliances

6. Improvement of public relations

Branding Plan Implementation

Marketing of Experts Company will be focused towards executing its strategies of building awareness and increasing traffic to the site. (Schultz, 2007) A combination of strong creative marketing and partnerships with traffic generating sites and educational institutions that produce graduates will result in loyal, repeat customers. The company will use grassroots marketing, Web advertising, affiliate marketing programs, and public relations to drive traffic (Melewar & Alwi, 2015). The company will design its website with unique features, functionality, and content that differentiate the value proposition to customers. Furthermore, the company will recruit executives with extensive backgrounds that are important in managing and developing successful businesses within the industry of linking experts with the corporate market (Schultz, 2007). The Company will also employ a full-time staff that fully ensures implementation of the business as outlined in this plan.

Control of Expert Companys Branding Plan

The company management team will combine the experiences of executives who have extensive experiences in managing and developing successful businesses within the digital marketing industry. It will also hire a support staff to conduct periodic evaluations of the performance against the target (Schultz, 2007). The results of the assessment will inform the company of need for any changes in its operation strategy in light of emerging needs. Job differentiation will be done to assign employees specific roles in site design, management, media programming and business development (Wheeler, 2017). Distribution Strategy

The expert company will use direct distribution. This strategy is whereby the company will directly interact with its customers on its developed websites. In essence, the firm will directly offer the services of linking the potential recruits and the suitable vacancies available in the corporate market at a particular time.

Distribution Channel Design

Since the company does not offer physical goods, it will employ a direct distribution channel. It will ensure that its website that is a link between it and the customers will be proactively developed (Schultz, 2007). Some of the considerations will include;Providing unique and user viewing experience

Offer updated job postings (content and products) that encourage repeat visits and create value for the company viewers.

Create a website layout and design that adapts to the interactive nature of digital business

Provide a seamless transition from online job applications on the company website to real recruitment

Deploy a solution that integrates with the company's trading partners existing career experiences.


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