Animal Testing Should Be Banned - Argumentative Essay

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Date:  2022-10-10


Many organizations in the United States of America are currently debating whether animal testing should be prohibited. Some believe animal testing should not be performed for certain reasons. Others believe animal testing is wrong. Experts believe there are alternatives to animal testing. It is illegal to use animals for testing safety or medical research. Animal testing is an increasing problem in our society today, and must be stopped immediately.

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Scientists use animal testing to test different types of vaccines, products or other things that they have developed for humans. All types of animals are used by scientists, but rats, mice and birds are the most commonly used. The procedures can often cause suffering to each animal. Most animals are killed after an experiment is over, but some animals may be used for future experiments. The number of animals used in experiments grew as companies began to emerge during the middle to late nineteenth century. Information gathered through animal testing and research has been used to benefit millions of people. Animal testing was a sensitive topic in the past and it remains so today. Scientists are testing life-saving cures for human diseases on innocent animals, and they are killing back after back.

Researchers will need to test drugs on animals before they can find the right treatments and drugs for people. They should first test drugs and treatments on animals before they can be used for humans. Some drugs and treatments can cause harm to the lives of animals and even lead to their death. Drugs that were used on animals cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people each year. It is clear that most animal experiments are not beneficial to human health. Furthermore, the value of animal experimentation in medical advancements is questionable. Further research has shown that most drugs that are safe and effective in animals can cause severe harm in humans. Because animals' bodies are different from humans, and therefore can be identified differently, this is why they fail to work in humans. Because animals' bodies are not identical enough to human beings, they are not considered reliable subjects. Experimentation could yield incorrect information because of the differences in organs, nervous system, and cellular composition. These tests could prove to be dangerous for humans, as well as a waste of an animal's time.

Scientists testing animals for drugs don't help them in any way. It is very sad to see animals being forced to do something that they don't know what they are getting into. Harmful experiments on animals are not only cruel, but often unfair. Animals don't get as many human diseases as people, including heart disease, cancer, HIV, and many other types of cancer. Because of differences in their bodies, structures, and digestion, animal results do not accurately predict how humans will react. They deny that animals have rights and that humans have no right to use animals in the interests of humanity (Karaim 2018, 2018). Some animals are left paralysed in restraint devices for hours before being killed. Others have holes drilled into the skulls and their skin burnt. Animal testing can be both cruel and unnecessary. These tests can be horrific. One involves injecting the chemical into the eyes of a rabbit until it corrodes. Another method involves forcing animals to eat the ingredient until half of them die (Toronto 2018, 2018). Today, the United States is raging against testing these innocent animals.

Animal testing can be more costly and a waste. Animal testing can be costly and wasteful. Sometimes the test is ineffective. Because they don't give accurate results and can't predict all side effects, animals make terrible test subjects. Animals should be free to do what they like, not being restricted in a laboratory or suffering for the benefit of humans. Many medical discoveries are delayed because researchers waste money, time, and animals trying to make an animal model for a human disease. Animal testing is expensive because the animals have to be fed, treated with drugs, and housed. In addition to caring for the animals, it is necessary to pay for their actual cost. There are American companies that breed animals for testing purposes. Animals can also be bought from these companies. This research is cruel and wasteful. The billions of dollars spent on animal studies diverts money from human-based research (computer modeling, tissue cultures, etc.). That could be actually helping people (Toronto 2018).


For a long time, debates have been ongoing about whether animals should be used in research or to verify safety of human products. Even though animals can sometimes be used for research, humans often benefit. Every animal suffers, goes through pain, and sometimes dies during experiments. Both animals and humans are similar in many ways. They feel, think and behave the same way and both experience pain. Animals should be treated the same way as humans. Because they don't have the option to choose, animals rights are violated. They are now under the threat of being used in experiments for human health. It is not possible for humans to make their lives better by torturing and execution so many animals every year in order to conduct laboratory experiments or test products.

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