Antonio Torres: An Extraordinary 2D Artist Who is Contributing to Industry Growth - Research Paper

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Date:  2023-01-27


In any artwork or film set, hardworking 2D artists form an integral part as they contribute significantly to the growth of the art industry. Antonio Torres is among the well-known 2D artists whose work has immensely contributed to industry growth. Antonio Torres is a Spanish painter who was born in 1851 with exceptional work that has been offered at auction multiple times. One of his famous artwork is the Lighthouse painting, which he did two years ago and stands out unique among the rest. Torres creates an overall effect of this artwork by observing the building blocks composed in any artwork. The building blocks include well recognized visual art elements and the principles of design (Massarksy, 3 ). Some of the identified visual elements are line, shape, color, texture, and pattern, while principles of design include repetition and size.

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The Lighthouse By Jose Antonio Torres

Line forms the foundation of any drawing, and this is a visual element that Torres seems to have well utilized when painting the Lighthouse artwork. Torres used the lines in such a way that they suggest the movement, shape, pattern, and distance of the artwork, among other features. Most of the lines used in this work are curved and jagged ones which suggest comfort, easiness, and anxiety with which the picture presents (Boado, Felipe, and Rafael, 199). Also, the artist presents the visual element of shape, which is irregular, solid, and decorative to some extent. By observing the artwork, one sees shapes like circles and ellipses that show continuous movement. The shape used in this work can be examined in terms of its perspective and behavior. Depending on the viewpoint, the curves and angles of the shape appear to change and tend to change the feeling one has about the work drawn by the artist.

Color is immensely used by Torres in his work and seems to suggest a powerful effect on the emotions of the viewers of the image. The artist uses mixed colors ranging from black, yellow, which is dominated presented in the shaped parts, brown, white, and red. The use of multiple colors in this artwork presents different perspectives depending on the approaches with which it is used. The artist also aims to achieve various aspects by the use of pattern, which is made by repeating or echoing the elements of the artwork to show some balance and movement. The artist used natural pattern in this work since it tends to reflect some natural occurrence such as the appearance of the sky with the stars, moon, and the sun. All these natural elements tend to give some light in the picture. A critical visual element the artist used in work is the texture that defines the surface quality of the artwork, that is, the roughness and smoothness. The texture used in this case is physical, where Torres used expressive brushstrokes with the texture that portrays both the emotional and physical energy of what is presented. Thus, this allowed a picture outcome that is smooth with various colors.

Torres applied principles of design in his artwork with the most recognized aspects of size and repetition as they appear in the image. Torres is known for his medium-sized images, which presents clear visual elements to achieve the overall effect as intended by the artist. The Lighthouse picture was originally sized at 22 x 30 cm, which allows a precise view. On the other hand, the artists immensely used repetition when it comes to shapes and lines presentation in the artwork. Most of the lines are curved throughout the picture indicating curved shapes, which is a repetition of the entire work.


In conclusion, Torres is indeed among the 2D artists whose artwork has been identified and used across the globe. The Lighthouse is one of his known artwork that is uniquely based on how the artist embraced various building blocks. The artists make the best use of visual art elements such as line, shape, color, texture, and pattern, and principles of design include repetition and size.

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