Application for the Membership of Community Outreach Team

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Date:  2022-09-28

The applicant is delighted to submit her application for the Community Outreach Membership position which is being offered by your organization. The decision to make this application has been prompted by her passion for the African community in the United States. Having studied at length the history of Americans of the African origin, the candidate is convinced that given this opportunity, she will impact something valuable in their lives. You will recall how Africa-Americans came into this country in chains and how they underwent undeserved torture as slaves. Given that times have since changed, and racial discrimination against blacks has significantly diminished, it is paramount for Africans who live in this country to be given the attention and care that they deserve. Fortunately, that is the whole essence of your organization, and the applicant is ready to join you in this noble course.

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There is no doubt that Africans who find themselves in the United States come into this country, and particularly this city for a reason. Some of them run away from war and decide to seek asylum in this country because of the confidence they have on its security. Others are refugees and immigrants who have come to this land of opportunities to seek for better lives for themselves and their families back at home. The most important thing to the applicant is that this group exhibits a lot of diversity. More than 20 countries from the African Continent are represented, and they speak more than 25 different languages. As an anthropologist, this cultural diversity is very personal to her. The knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom will be used to bring these groups together by stressing on the importance of unity amidst diversity.

Apart from the general welfare of the Africans living in New York, your organization also pays special attention to those who live with HIV/AIDS, and who are frequent victims of stigmatization. The applicant will endeavor to assist in this facet by carrying out anti-stigmatization campaigns and educating the public on the HIV/AIDS because those who stigmatize patients who suffer from the disease are often ignorant about it. For example, some are not privy to the fact that HIV/AIDS is not a death sentence - it is a disease that can be controlled, and the patients can lead long normal lives. The applicant is optimistic that her input in this sector will bear fruits given that HIV/AIDS prevalence in the United States is high among blacks.

The applicant is aware that bringing the African community in New York together is not as easy as it sounds. Instead, it calls for a lot of effort and partnerships with other like-minded organizations. Given this opportunity, she purposes to bring on board other organizations such as African Communities Together, African Hope Committee, American Civic Association, Ansob Center for Refugees, and AIDS Center of Queens County. Together with these organizations and others, the applicant is certain that your organization can succeed in its mission. In this regard, she will endeavor to deliver her very best in ensuring that this is actualized.

Providing services to the African community in New York requires engagement with experts in various sectors such as legal and health who understand the situation of Africans in living in this city and across the country. In this regard, the applicant will use her connections to bring on board professional expertise from experts who study the African community in the US. These experts will help the organization in policy formulation and the development of strategies that are aimed at ensuring the organization attains its long-term objectives.

Given this opportunity, the applicant will not only gain hands-on experience in her field as an anthropologist but it also boosts her interaction with Africans who have come to this country to prosper their lives. In doing so, the applicant will also get to learn about the different cultures of different countries in Africa, which is the major area of her career. The applicant embodies the spirit of hard work and cooperation through teamwork. These are the virtues she intends to transfer to your organization if given this opportunity. She promises to use her good communication and socialization skills to seek partnerships with other organizations and professionals in the field. She will also align her objectives and goals with those of your organization and accustom herself to the organization's culture in order to help you achieve the mission of helping the African community in New York.

The applicant looks forward to a positive feedback that will lead to a one-on-one interview with you so that she can tell you more about her qualification for this position and clarify any issue that is still unclear. In the meantime, please feel free to contact the applicant if you have any question pertaining to this application. She will follow up on this application on Monday next week.

Thank you in advance.

Yours faithfully,



(Attached: The Applicant's Curriculum Vitae)

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