Approval Ratings in US Congress - Paper Example

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Date:  2021-06-17

Approval ratings might be a good way to predict how people feel about something but not an accurate indicator of performance. Approval ratings are mostly subjective as opposed to objective. Personal feelings may significantly affect approval ratings. People could love or hate something primarily based on how they feel about it. For instance, you could be a real person but still not be popular. Similarly, you could be the worst person with very high approval ratings; this is because the popularity of a person relies heavily on the general public than the topic subject. A good example is racism; racism is outrightly brutal and inhumane practice that should be shunned by everyone. However, for some reasons, it is still popular in the contemporary world, and according to the jokes that are made in the context of racism, it is safe to say that it is significantly prevalent although it shouldnt be. This paper seeks to expound on the performance of the Congress despite its low approval ratings.

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In the world of politics, how the citizens feel towards their leaders and representative is not usually an indication of their performance. A leader could be well meaning, a change icon, development-oriented, well meaning, and have peoples interest at heart; and end up with low approval ratings. The opposite goes for a laid-back, corrupt, and self-centered leader with a real, relatable personal appeal to the general public. In the modern day world, people no longer value authenticity and the ultimate right. Instead, they are so concerned with superficial things that they fail to see the bigger picture. Even today and despite its low approval ratings, Congress still performs the functions that the founders intended it to do.

Needless to say, the Trump administration in the United States has been faced with much criticism and rejection by the Americans. It is almost as if they are not the same people who voted him into power. United States citizens and the world, in general, has taken to social media to criticize the Congress and the approval ratings are at an all-time low. However, this is what people fail to realize. The Congress is tasked with five primary functions:

1. Making the laws

2. Representing the people

3. Performing oversight

4. Helping the constituents

5. Educating the public

Without fear or favor, one can say that the Congress has not compromised on any of these roles. The Congress does a pretty good job in representing the people and giving them a platform to air their grievances. It sees to the welfare of the same citizens who dont approve of it while at the same time coming with suitable laws to enhance the living standards of its citizens. There are bound to be cases of ideological differences between the Congress and the public, but this does not necessarily mean that the Congress is not performing its duties. Approval ratings should be used as guide lights by the Congress to establish what it is the public wants. High approval ratings are there to motivate the Congress to keep up the good work whereas, low approval ratings should be used as a satisfaction measurement tool that highlights on areas that need change.

However, it is important to note that the Congress does not have to be ineffective or insufficient to attract low approval rating. Similarly, the Congress is not obliged to please the public at the expense of its values and principles.

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