Hashtag Activism Essay Example

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Date:  2022-08-18


Hashtag activism is the act of fighting for or supporting an event, idea or any cause that people are advocating through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ among others. A hashtag is a common term among Twitter users. While other people view social networks as outlets for proliferating ill-informed opinions and misguided factoids to followers with one's preformed ideas, social networks have brought business competition to a whole new level. Formerly considered as a tool for youths to interact on different platforms, today marketers are using social media to reach out to their clients. Companies are employing online marketers in the wake of raising the use of networking websites.

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Researchers have found out that peers have a more significant influence on how fellow peers end up deciding on whether to participate in any cultural, social or charity event or not. Just by sending an invitation to a friend or family member in the case or any event, the numbers could rise enormously. If you were to attend an event and asked those in attendance how they got themselves there, a more significant percentage of them would say they saw a post, invited by a friend or a family member. Peers even go an extra mile of creating a Facebook page, WhatsApp group or a hashtag on Twitter asking their friends and relatives to the event. This way, many online marketers have found a home in social networking. It is easier to participate in a donation after an invite from a friend or family member than when approached by a stranger working in the same charity organization.

In a business perspective, people use social media to share their emotions and feelings about how they are treated in any given company. Though social media, youths have found a way of responding and ensuring their voices are heard. If they are poorly managed, there is one tweet, and in a matter of seconds the issue is trending and gets known to the public. Similarly, if they receive excellent service, then the organization's name will be flying high.

Support for Hashtag activism

John Bare's argument is stronger one compared to the case made by Buckman as its argument is based on the solid cultural and socio-cultural and environmental norm in which this context will bring most of the youths which is belongs to various rules. According to Buckman, its argument is based on the status made social media aiming to deliver an impact to the form of activist to be done. According to Bare's case for an economy to grow it constitute the peer-to-peer movement among the youths which according to me this will bring an impact to society compared to just using social networks in which most of the people will treat it as spam and may not take it seriously.

According to Bare using the Ice Bucket Challenge the campaigns such as business models power movement among youth will promote the economic (Bare, par 2) as this there are a specific group which is being addressed and the way they are treated which will create a trust, hope, and confidentiality among youth and will ensure that there is continuous per-to -peer movement but Buckman believes that just creating awareness will try to improve it. Buckman says that the action towards stopping of improving should be done but for this to succeed there should be a well-organized group which will take effect.

According to Bare (Bare, 1), every action depends on the numerous elements such as financial aid, the media platform, and hashtag being used to enhance better approaches of financial assistance and help from donations and charities. When this movement of fundraising it will bring about sharing of the economy and generational shift towards in deciding how to allocate the scarce resources all this due to the dual forces and thus with this sharing of economy it will help those being affected where Buckman in his argument didn't tell how stopping will be successful and what will make up the group and where it will get the necessary resources of undertaking the movement. In Bares' argument, it does not focus on the Gimmicks but encourages people to see further what meets the eye which results to hashtag activism (Bare, 3).

Towards raising some money, the Ice Bucket Challenge methods is the best as people will be willing to support it as its aim is towards a particular one goal thus bringing an impact to the economy which was mention by Bare in its argument and finally endorsed by Buckman in its definition of impact (Buckman, 2).


In conclusion, for hashtag activism to work well and continues over and over again, there should be a specific group being addressed to, the resources needed for the movement should also be available and the means of acquiring them. We have also seen that youth have a significant power towards the peer-to-peer change. Lastly for hashtag activism to work well, there should be a social media platform where will be used to create awareness among different people and the actions towards it.

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