Artificial Tree vs Real Christmas Tree - Essay Sample

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Date:  2021-06-14

Getting that adorable Christmas tree is one of the most critical decisions for many families in the Christmas holidays. Many will have varied opinions on whether to have a naturally cut tree while others will mostly just choose to buy. What is inevitable in many peoples minds will be the beauty, the ease of decorations, and the magic that will flow from a complete decorated tree and so much that may not be entirely revealed. Well most of this comes from children. Let us not forget that this holiday is more magical to them than we (grown-ups) who have had to go through these preparations for decades (needless to say we still do it for them).

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Well quite a number will say that very many people have forgotten or chosen to ignore the happiness driven out of the search for a perfect tree on Christmas. This is regardless of us searching for it on our own or maybe we might be doing it as a family and loved ones, the magic of nature that is felt when seeking out that perfect tree but just to point out, is there any perfect tree really? Such choices will be based on individual view I guess. The beauty of walking around the overgrown bushy fields containing those many spruce pine trees that are nicely curved in many shapes and sizes and the radiation from their warm blue colors. At this point is when many children actually enjoy some tree-hunting effort. Having them run around the fields, with their hands stretched out, touching and pulling the branches. It is needless to say how much fun it can be on such an expedition. All these actions and are all intended to ultimately finding that one tree that will be just perfect for Christmas. Well this is all for those interested in the tree-hunting expeditions, what about the few individuals who may not have the pleasure of time or patience to search for a tree. There are such people who will prefer to just step inside a store or mall and find that one tree with the perfect height just to fit in living room and needless to say, some may even purchase a pre-lit tree.

Well I have always been an artificial tree kind of a person. I prefer the option of peacefully walking into a store and selecting that one tree that has already been prepared for my consumption. This has been a culture passed down to me from my parents. We will have this same tree put up every Christmas for many years. Just to point out, ever since I was four years old, the age I came to really understand the beauty behind Christmas and having a Christmas tree, we have had only three trees to my current age. These same trees were put every year, with them at six feet tall possessing nice and thick branches sprouting out all around bringing forth the impression that they were actually live trees

There was however this onetime that my father saw it positive to try out an actual live tree. Let me just point out that remembering to actually have a tree watered (a live tree) can be quite challenging at times especially if one is leading a very busy life or (like in our case) if you have been used to artificial trees for majority of your life. With me running around and all the noise, playing and joking with my father made him forget to water the tree. A few days later the tree appeared like one that had been picked up from a Saharan desert. The needles from the tree were falling all over the place and not to mention how tedious cleaning them was due to their very sticky nature. Now if you have ever possessed an artificial tree, you will eventually accept the fact that such challenges do not come with it.

Let us take a different angle of view on this matter, stringing of lights on the tree. It is needless to mention that, as much as it may be fun, stringing lights on a real tree can be actually a daunting task. Considering that one has to make sure that these strands of light do not end up being a tangled mess. Here comes the beauty of having an already pre-lit tree. Can you imagine how tedious it can be untangling lights that were placed away for eleven months, all wrinkled up. One more issue comes when untangling these lights then you notice that there is a blub or blubs missing, and then comes the task of having to locate those blubs. I have to say that this is the reason why having an artificial tree comes with its beauty and advantages and especially having a pre-lit tree.

The most important issue is, when deciding what type of Christmas tree to pick; the owner should actually consider the work and efforts that are involved in maintaining it. This is why personally, I choose to purchase an artificial tree because not only will that tree be useful and remain beautiful for years but also very minimal maintenance is required.

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