Harley Davidson Selects Evaluation Criteria: Quality, Values, Needs - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-27


Harley Davidson did a great job in their selection of the evaluation criteria. It is important for organizations to understand their processes, people, and organization clearly. In the case of Harley Davidson, clear consideration of their processes, people, and organization is outlined in regards to business values and issues, Roadmap and needs as seen in exhibit 10 (Austin, Sole, & Cotteleer, 2003). In the exhibit, Harley Davidson has categorized the selection process in terms of qualitative and quantitative criteria to separate values and numbers. From a personal perspective, this is a good idea. Based on personal views, the exhibit includes the most significant factors in the selection process. Supply management, receiving, project tracking, tracking, and documentation are significant in the selection process. Besides, some factors would be inclined to weight most heavily. For example, training and documentation would be of crucial significance. It would impact the purchasing activity to a greater extent.

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Most Suitable Provider

Based on the information on the case, the provider that I would select would be provider 1. The reason for my choice is that most senior executives are always money conscious. Besides, provider 1 had a good score of 93.4% (Austin, et al., 2003). I would summarize to senior executives the reason for my choice in simple terms. I would stress on the fact that provider 1 is cost-effective. Any company would want a provider who takes its values into account. Austin et al. (2003) affirmed that right from the beginning, provider 1 distinguished itself accordingly and acknowledged the company's values. I would inform the senior executives that a good provider has to understand a company's philosophy and culture, which is just the case of provider 1. With provider 1, implementation, training, and the change process would be smooth. Provider 1 would ensure that the change process is managed carefully without any risks or failure.

Overall Assessment of Harley's Approach to Enterprise Software Selection

My overall assessment of Harley's approach to enterprise software selection is that they did an exemplary job. The software selection process is not an easy task yet Harley Davidson took the time to do it right. As Austin et al. (2003) indicated, the enterprise took over a year putting in place the strategy and incorporated teamwork during the process. Instead of a Chief Information Officer, the company had the office of the CIO with three directors who directed their efforts towards technology (Austin et al., 2003). Regarding the software selection process, it was exemplary that Harley Davidson ensured that all departments would take place in the change process. The company did a good job as they moved from strategy to action while at the same time respecting the people, processes, and technology. However, Harley would have done one thing differently. That is to conduct a benchmark process of companies that are in a similar sector. Benchmarking would help Harley to improve its processes and gain insights on the change management process.

Recommendation for Information System and Technology

The information system and technology that I would recommend for Harley Davidson Motor Company to help achieve the goals in its 10-year plan is the learning management systems. Stone and Zheng (2014) asserted that the software application is designed to automate the administration, tracking, reporting, and training in business to support organizational growth and development. Also, the software ensures that an organization remains competitive (Stone and Zheng, 2014). The learning management systems will be able to meet the needs of the changing environment for Harley and allow it to reach its potential. Since 2008, motorcycle sales have declined by 50% (Case Flash Forward: Harley-Davidson Motor Company, 2018). Due to the decreasing sales, the adoption learning management systems would a critical part of Harley's long-term strategy in ensuring that they increase their sales and maximize their profits. Over the years, data captured in the learning management systems would enable Harley to track its performance and improve it. In a changing environment such as the one in Harley, the software would enable the management to distribute their organizational functions and structures evenly. The system would enable Harley to focus on innovation and maximize sales on the electric motorcycle market.

Personal Investment in Harley-Davidson

I would invest in Harley Davidson Motor Company for several reasons. First, it is the largest US-based motorcycle manufacturer. Investing in the company would help me to gain a return on my investments in the form of a rise in the stock prices or dividends. Second, over the years, Harley has made significant developments despite its decrease in sales due to a decline in its target demographic, which are the baby boomers. The significant developments include building a small bike bearing its name in 2014, introducing a new chief marketing officer in 2015, debuting a new motorcycle in Europe in 2016, opening a new branch in the Asian market in 2017, and investing in California's Alta Motors in 2019. The third reason I would invest in the company is because of its announced introduction of electric motorcycles in August 2019. I feel this is a good step that would increase company sales since baby boomers love electrical products.


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