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AUHS has a unique mission when they open the University to spread the word of God in undertaking patient care. Before I applied to Pharmacy School in AUHS, I had been searching for many different Pharmacy schools in the websites, and I found AUHS. It was very appealing to me because the schools that I had been seeking none of them talked about God. AUHS aligns patients and God in their courses of the curriculum, which is very important for our profession to be prosperous with the help of God.

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If you pay attention to the five pillars of the AUHS mission, they explain everything that the university is about. In abbreviation, it is called C.A.R.D.S, which means Christian values, Academic excellence, Research of scholarship, Diversity with its cultural competency and Services.

I have seen all the professors incorporate the school's mission into their lecture. Every lecture I attended starts with prayers before the session begins. The whole faculty, staff, and students seem to have the same goal to serve the public with the help of God. Everybody in AUHS is equipped to work by believing in God. As a student, I get mental peace every time we pray in class, and it gives me more energy to work every day. Starting from now as the course progresses, I can see the attachment that will go forever with us as pharmacists. At first, I wasn't sure whether I should come as the school referred to itself as a Christian school. As I became familiar with the school, the objective standards of the school become clear to me that the school wants to educate students that are skill-oriented plus spiritual. Even though I am a Christian, I don't know much about Christianity, and for me, it is a plus with the pharmacy education I am receiving.

During our first week, we learned about the AUHS mission, love, care, compassion, justice, and respect. I am going to describe each one of them one by one in the following paragraphs. I have already explained what the AUHS mission is in the introductory part. From here onwards, I am going to continue with the rest of the lectures by incorporating them with my past experiences as well as my future predictions.

I used to think the word Love was only about relationships, but it is more than that. Love is much more, and it includes religion that is beyond what I used to think. It contains a lot of positive thinking that will guide you to a positive result. Sometimes we have family members that get sick and get healed after treatment. Most of the time, my family members get treated quickly after treatment by a physician or any other practitioner. However, there was one particular incidence a long time ago that my brother was sick, and I was the one to help him. I helped my youngest brother with love until he became okay, and to this day, he never forgets about it. When we talk on the phone, he always appreciates and remembers those days. Every time he mentions those as his tough days, I still feel great about what I did to help him out. So, love is not restricted to anyone. We can love ourselves and others around us to connect.

Based on our profession, care could be defined as care for the sick. There are a lot of care centers in the United States of America, such as daycare for children, nurse facilities, dog care centers, and so on. These care centers provide an extraordinary health service to the public. They may have different rules and regulations depending on the state, but they all work towards the same goal to provide health care for the nation. In my experience, I know some of the care facilities work with the government to provide health care services to the low-income population. They use Medicaid, and others work with the social security part of the society. There are private companies that work with the wealthy part of the population that doesn't have any attachments with the government except for provisions. Sometimes they are not inspected by the governmental agencies if they aren't ready. As professional pharmacists, one day, some of us will be able to work with these companies, and we will take care of their patients with prayers to God to heal them.

Compassion is more like sympathy that helps express internal feeling for others. It shows how you feel about them and that you want to help them to the point of their needs without hiding. To me, compassion is very different from love. You can love everyone, whether they are healthy or not, but empathy is a very lovely feeling for someone. As a pharmacist, it is necessary to have a sense of compassion and love for all your patients. These circumstances might lead you to treat all your patients equally. As people, we might be of different color and from different parts of the world, but God creates every one of us equally. For example, everyone needs food, shelter, water, and cloth to survive as humans. It shows that all people in the world are the same. Society might have differences in the way of thinking, political affiliation, religion, and cultural believes, but it doesn't mean we are different from one another. As AUHS pharmacists, we have to play the role of God with compassion to treat our patients for the best outcome.

Justice in the Christian bible is to do right. Justice in the court system is aligned with behavioral treatment. Depending on the horseplay of the person, the court or magistrate decides the kind of punishment the person can receive. As Pharmacists who believe in God, we have to treat everyone in the right way. If we treat any patient with inequality and unfairness, it will come back to us and haunt us with a significant effect on our job. We have to be careful not to make any errors that could make us feel inadequate and evil. The companies we work with could get lawsuit in a court because of the pharmacist's wrongdoing, and the trial could end up in a significant fine worth millions of dollars. Using prayers, and if we do things right, we will succeed in our job.

Respect is a moral admiration for someone. With regards to our patients, it is essential to respect each one of them in all aspect. Respect every patient regardless of their age, sexual orientation, color, tradition, religion, and so on. Respect has to do more with moral consideration and politeness. Respect starts from your home to the whole society at large, so all people should respect their parents, elders, and neighbors. If you don't respect someone next to you, you don't expect to get respect from others. The bible says to respect everyone, so as a pharmacist, we should appreciate every one of our patients.

During the second week, we learned more about Pharmacist-patient relationship called the caring ministry. This part of the lecture deals more with the patient center process of treatment. The patient is the center of treatment to any pharmacist. If you have a patient, you as a pharmacist should provide the right treatment based on your education as a caring ministry. My dad was not a pharmacist, but he was religious, and he used to treat patients using holy books and the Bible. For example, he used to pray for his patients and give them some herbs from plants afterward. When I was growing up, I used to see patients with a lot of problems come to him for treatment, and they got healed. A pharmacist in collaboration with other health care providers has to provide patient center care based on patient preferences and cost-effective treatment.

A caring ministry has an Institute of Medicine (IOM) and Spiritual Care. These two things are essential to help us provide patient care.

The IOM has necessary assurance on patient-focused treatment as well as waste saving effects. Instead of giving the patient some unnecessary treatment. First and foremost, we have to evaluate the patient using SOAP recordings. SOAP is an acronym for information collected from the patient as subjective, objective, assess, and plan. As a pharmacist is obtaining the correct patient information in detail, it saves time and money for the patient, and they are treated effectively. According to the bible, doing right to anyone will bless our job and family.

Spiritual care is the care given through prayers, religious leaders, meditation as well as close family and friends. Religion, by itself, is different from spirituality. It is more like an individual's preference to believe in God. However, spiritual care believes in healing and teaching a patient. For example, at AUHS, we are given the word of God as part of our course by one of their spiritual leaders known as Judeo-Christian Value in Patient Care.

In my view, we the students of pharmacy at AUHS are getting two things at the same time. The Spiritual care added to our pharmacy degree. For me, it is an exciting and new phenomenon, and I want to see how it will apply after graduation when I start taking care of my patients. So far, I like the teaching of the bible every week. In that class, I feel at peace and safe. Spiritual care heals patients mentally and physically without dispensing any medication.

Is traditional medicine considered Spiritual care? As I mentioned above, my dad was a religious and an herbalist. I am not sure if I should call him a Spiritual Care person, but it has some relation to what my dad was doing a long time ago. He treated all kinds of sick people and made them lead their healthy life again.

Generally, during the first and second week of lecture, we learned some key aspects that we will incorporate into our profession. The mission of AUHS, Intro to the bible, and caring ministry. All these lectures are related to pharmacy patient care center.

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