Discussion on Environmental Services on Areas That Inhibit the Growth of Bacteria - Paper Example

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Date:  2021-07-02

Discussion on environmental services on areas that inhibit the growth of bacteria with countertops and solid-surface sinks (mold and caulking detector).

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Different centers of disease control such as The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) carries out the different study and it identifies that in a year, almost 80,000 patients dies due to nosocomial contaminations. Therefore, it is significant to examine ways through which these infections are transmitted from one individual to the other. One way is the Hospital Units because patients whose immune system is low stay in a hospital and their chances of getting infected are high. However, this can be prevented by offering Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to inhibit infection of individuals in who are undergoing operations. Infection Control Agency suggests that infections may come from multiple sources making the rate to increase and therefore they should be contained.

Every hospital must have an Infection Department with all the resources required to implement all the objectives of protecting everyone within the hospital (Durlak & Dupre, 2008). The infection Department can decide to install and use mold and caulking detector at every patient care section. The department has to collect data from different sections to be implemented. To start with, the medical personnel have to understand how to use PPE so that they would explain to patients. It would play a significant role in preventing re-infection of the patients from self-inductive basis (Wolfe & Diamond, 2007)

Data collected would assist in the manufacturing of countertops and also make the infection control personnel on how bacteria are transmitted around sinks and countertops cause the spread of diseases. Ethical issues may be a problem due to lack of cooperation between the patients and patient care segment. Data should be collected anonymously so that accurate data can be obtained with no bias and confidentiality should also be upheld. Data should be collected from participants who are willing, and no data should be collected without the consent of the participants (Kass, et al., 2014).

Determining the methodology to use is not easy, but when conducting health research, one should be diverse. In research to inhibit bacteria growth with countertops and solid-surface sinks, one should adopt the social view of health (Baum, 1995). Previous data can also be incorporated for comparison and improvement of caulking, and solid surfaces use so as to contain infection rate with patients with low immune system.


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