Boosting Student Enrollment at Murray State University - Research Paper

Paper Type:  Research paper
Pages:  2
Wordcount:  506 Words
Date:  2023-02-09


Public refers to a group of people that are brought together by a similar interest, or perceive themselves as beneficiaries of a specific situation. As a Public relations representative, I need to identify the particular type of public to devise the most appropriate strategies in achieving the end goal, in this case, is increasing the student enrollment numbers in Murray State University. In this case, the external communication strategy will be used since it aims to the community as well as students in high schools that await to join the university in several years or months (Bie-Drivdal, A. 2018).

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The following are the most important characteristics to evaluate and select the most relatable public that will aid us to admit more students into this university:

  • The public's perspective of Murray State University
  • The public's contribution toward achieving the University's end goal
  • The public's demographic profile

The first type of society that I would work with, to improve on company branding would be the Consumer publics. A University aims to administer knowledge to students, who are characterized by being of the age group between 18 and 25, that begin by studying for their undergraduates, with others being admitted for their masters as well as Ph.D. courses. Their income scale is often low, for the majority of them are dependent on their parents and guardians, as well as low income paying jobs to pay their bills. The diversity complex of the university is also above average, with approximately 60% of the students being from within the university environs. It also has a balanced gender ratio. The undergraduates comprise of the majority of the university's target audience thus the primary strategy I would employ would be the active participation of faculty as well as alumni in the university blog to make it more attractive to potential students (Saint-Maurice et al. 2019)

The second type would be the media public. The target audiences of the media do vary from prospective students to the guardians as well as the parents to the students, and thus, it does cover a wide age gap. The income scale of these individuals is also varied. I would invest heavily on the use of mass media such as billboards as well as the active use of social media as a means of attracting potential students. I would also integrate the use of AIs as well as prompt digitalization of the universities website, to provide data on the number of visits per day in comparison to the ones selecting Murray State University as their university of choice. The media does aid in improving the institutions' reputation by reflecting on testimonials from alumni as well as pictorials of the university's surroundings.


Bie-Drivdal, A. (2018). Public-sector unions' ideas about employee-driven development: Restricted conceptualization of representative participation in workplaces. Economic and Industrial Democracy, 0143831X18814929.

Saint-Maurice, P. F., Troiano, R. P., Graubard, B. I., Willis, E., & Matthews, C. E. (2019). Associations Between Steps Per Day And Mortality In A Representative Sample Of US Adults: 1638: May 30, 3: 15 PM-3: 30 PM. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 51(6), 448.

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