Career in Baking and Pastry - Essay Example

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Date:  2021-05-24

Culinary studies have always been a pivotal desire in my life; the need to learn to cook and cook properly for that matter was instilled in me by the mother. Saying that my passion for baking and pastry making was influenced by a single person is entirely untrue. Luckily in my life, my parents have always been keen on the food they eat, a few times in a month we would dine in posh restaurants in the city. The desserts served were always exquisite and highly attended to, these meals fueled my desire to perfect my skills in culinary, baking and pastry making. My mother taught me the basics of baking at a very tender age; I always desired to bake as well as she did. She insisted on accuracy on the amount of ingredients placed, in skills of torting and leveling of cakes were instilled in me since my childhood days. My desire to join SAIT institute of culinary is not an afterthought but a well-strategized goal.

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I have conducted my research in the field of culinary through visiting exquisite restaurants, the core reason for this is to try out different cuisines and techniques of baking and pastry making. The internet is one portal if put to good use it can be a great learning resource, YouTube videos on pastry making are too many over the internet as almost every chef these days have a YouTube channel. The internet has been a critical resource for my learning curve, I have been able to learn and try out different recipes every time I get a chance to. Experimenting and trying out new techniques with different flavor combinations I have been able to create a list of the best recipes for different cakes and pastries.

There is not a sweeter thing in the world for me as to see a cake rise perfectly and a successful unmolding of chocolate without breakage. I was always enamored by the sight of an individual having a great day over a price of a cupcake. I love to bring joy to people through my culinary skills; I am always overjoyed by the way people come together to enjoy a cake. I usually get exuberant when I see a crowd enjoying themselves over a cake I baked or how they enjoy the dessert served after the main course. The joy I get from these experiences influenced me into getting the food service industry.

I have been lucky to enjoy different cuisines of cakes, chocolate, and pastries in my life, sharing this joy with new people would make me happy. On top of it, earning revenue from, what I do best would be my greatest joy. Scoring a position at SAIT culinary class is my biggest dream, getting to learn more on baking and pastry making would illuminate my world. Waking up every day to do what I love most will the greatest joy in my life because I am certain there is nothing in this world I would enjoy more than baking. I always love it when peoples faces glow and light up with a big smile as they dig in any decadent dessert I have prepared out for them. Bing, a pastry chef, is my biggest desire, I will put in blood and sweat into every dessert that comes my way.


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