Case Study Analysis Paper Example on Borderline Personality Disorder

Paper Type:  Case study
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Date:  2021-07-01

The borderline personality disorder is a mental disorder where a patient feels that their actions and decisions are good even in situations when their decisions are harmful to them or those around them. In the case of Catrina and her counselor, the counselor's decision to inform her of the disease diagnosis was not in order. The counselor should not have told Catrina of the disorder she was suffering from due to its nature. The decision not to inform the client of the diagnosis is appropriate as stated in ACA 2014 code of ethics section E5d that state the counselor has the right to withhold information for the ultimate good of their patient (Herlihy & Corey 2014).

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Some of the advantages of sharing the information with the client would be such as the clients would know of exactly what is ailing them and thus know how to fight their problem. The counselor may get the authorization from their patient to initiate the treatment plan as soon as possible. The counselor would also get to ease the patient since they would know of what they are ailing from. The disadvantage of sharing information with the client may be such as the client may develop other forms of ailment for example depression when they learn of the disease they are suffering from. The counselor may lose their client who may choose to go to source services of another therapist especially in situations where the client does not believe the diagnosis given to them by the counselor.

A therapist may decide to discuss with their patients of their diagnosis upon their request. This is in agreement with the section A2a of the APA 2005 code of ethics that states that clients have right to information upon their request (Campbell et al. 2010). The counselor may also give their patient their diagnosis after they have adequately researched and are thus knowledgeable about their problem. This is justified by section E2c of the ACA 2014 code of conduct that state the counselor is responsible for relaying information based on their findings.

Progress notes are documents that highlight the progress of a patient concerning their ailments. It is necessary for all doctors and counselors to document the progress of their patients. This is because the information would assist in the determination of various information concerning to the client and would thus be used to solve different issues.

I would support my colleague by trying to resolve the conflict between him or her and Catrina the patient, thus enabling them to continue having a healthy patient and doctor relation which would benefit both of them. As it is stated in Galatians chapter 6 verse 2, bear each other's burdens, and by so fulfill the law of Christ,' and in first Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 11, therefore you should encourage each other and build each other up.'


Campbell, L., Vasquez, M., Behnke, S., & Kinscherff, R. (2010). APA ethics code commentary and case illustrations.Herlihy, B., & Corey, G. (2014). ACA ethical standards casebook. John Wiley & Sons.

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