Interview Example: Aging

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Date:  2022-09-19


Aging has always been attributed to frequent violation and neglect from society due to the perception of lacking the strength to be constructive in society.

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1. Do you think people have treated you differently because of your age? Whether it is good or bad, if yes can you give an example of when/ how?

a) The question is worth asking since a lot of people in the society are faced with challenges of discrimination on their ages while some become beneficial since its perceived as experience. Having the old respond to this questions builds a true picture of what exactly happens at an old age.

2 When do you think it hit you that you were part of the older community? Was it an experience you had or a personal thought?

a) Asking this questions emphasizes on understanding whether he/ she has knowledge of age progress to ascertain if it was a shock to him/her or they knew about the aging process. Most old people are frequently faced with the challenge of accepting their age and are prone to negative feedback from their counterparts.

3 Do you have friends who aren't in the same age group as you? If so, how do you feel about it? Is there ever a time where it is noticeable the age difference?

a) The question is important since it seeks clarification if the person has some sought of the company to reduce stress and the aging process. It is of best interest to try and understand how the aging process is attributed by the people of the same age relating in the organization.

4. Do you have any sort of social media? If so, which ones and do you enjoy using them? If not, would you ever consider making one?

a) Assessing the level of interaction and access to information is vital to the aging process, the question tries to weigh the importance of access to information to the health of the aged since it attributes to the social support and information.

5. Are you content/satisfied with your life so far? Explain why for either yes or no?

a) Of importance is the appreciation of life, understanding their perception and sense of life determines their input and level of association. Majority of the aged are traumatized with their previous experience of life and knowing why tries to reduce the doubts on them.

6. Do you feel like ageism is a serious problem in your life? If yes, do you feel like you act a certain way because of it?

a) Asking this question is important to evaluate the impact of aging on the people and how they are at terms with the situations.

7. Do you consider yourself "old?" if so why? (age, experience, looks, etc..."

a) I would ask the question not only to determines the level of awareness on the health but also to gauge on the parameters they use to define ageism

8. Have you ever or do you know someone, 65 or older, who have been abused either physically or verbally before? If so why do you think that happened? Do you think it happens often and how should it be managed?

a) I would ask this question to evaluate if the old are aware of abuse among others physically, mentally and economically. This is meant to attain the seriousness of the issues affecting since most go scot-free without the law intervening.

9. Do you feel like you've been discriminated in some way shape or form in a healthcare setting? If yes, what exactly happened and how did you feel?

a) The question is relevant to the aged since the majority are under health care by either professional in healthcare facilities or home care, they majorly report discrimination on those aspects.

10. Are you retired? If so, did you ever feel like they treated you differently because of your age? And if you aren't retired have you ever felt ageism in a work environment?

a) Asking such a question tries to evaluate the damaged impacted to the age by various institutions they are placed, the response will be different from different old people. Both the institutions have devised a law on age, those with no laws will make them feel like they have been a burden to the Firm

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