College Sports Players Should Be Paid - Argumentative Essay

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Date:  2022-10-31


Students at the college have often promoted the schools for which they play for/ represent in the various tournaments. It is not a surprise to note that some of the renowned colleges in sports have been promoted by the very students. When the students engage in a game and win a trophy, medal, or money for a school, it is usually a promotion to their respective college. With the new generational era where games are valued and embraced with both hands just like any other valuable thing, colleges have begun taking advantage of students by using them to build for themselves a name. There have been a lot of controversies and debates on whether students who play a sport should be paid by their respective colleges. This paper is examining the aspect of a college student being paid; whether they should be paid or not.

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Edelman (1143) says that being student-athlete in a college is like a full-time job. It involves jumping up and down, between the weight room, field, classes, and fields. Students who engage in athletics are always performing extracurricular activities and that the schedules of the National Collegiate Athletic Association's (NCAA) tournaments call for a period of extension that sees to students missing some of the classes and school events and programs. In a sense, they don't just miss classes for the sake, and the story ends there, they are usually in tournaments (games of national importance) that are televised, bringing more and more money and hosts millions of those who view. Therefore, students involving in sports bring in revenue and indeed a lot of money to the various schools mainly in the championship games, they ought to receive a small portion of the profits and not as a deficit but as an incentive. He also states that from a study, he noted that it is the students that work hard on the field even though the coach is recognized for his effective mechanisms towards their attaining skills. Coaches might have a significant effect on the team, but it is upon student themselves to commit to getting done. It is saddening that coaches of these students receive awards of breaking records and winning the great teams, but the students received none. A report shows that most of the profits from athletes from college don't go into school's treasury but to coaches, administrators, and athletic directors leaving students with nothing. Students need not to get a large amount of money like their coaches or another representative instead be given just little to keep them going; it also shows a sense of appreciation.

Tucker, Kayla, et al. (2) also notes the NCCA earns about six billion shillings every year through schools that partner with them in popular sports participation. The authors question themselves what else can be the best thing to do to someone especially for a student if not give them a small amount of money for every match played. Their point of the argument is that students should be paid for representing their colleges well through sporting. Nevertheless, Sanderson & Siegfried (5) contrasts by saying that the exact issue is not whether college students should be paid. Instead, the NCCA policy should compensate students with food, room, board, tuition books and any relevant thing a student can needs.

Students should be considered as college's employees, and therefore there should be an existence of a workers' compensation. It should be similarly employed just like it is applied in the legal action. There is a need to attend to practices and the relationship between the contract between student-athlete and the university (Gurdus 907).

However, there are also alleges that student-athlete should not be paid money. In one of his article: "why student-athlete should not be paid, Donnor vigorously defends his point using the views from his respondents. He gives some of the reasons he feels that are appropriate for not paying college students: a student (athlete) who is paid a salary would owe some money in national income tax and state taxes. In those cities that charge an employee tax payroll, the salaries taxed amount goes up. Furthermore, the student would be required to start paying for other expenses like social security. In his discussion, he proposes that instead of salary, scholarships can be appropriate. Paying college students will change the very nature of college athletics. People will start joining sports teams to earn a salary and not that they have a passion for sports.


In conclusion, if payments and salary to student's athlete are granted, then there would be what we call students committing to a college, university or any institution with the highest offer. They may keep on transferring from one institution to another in search for green pasture. Lastly, in as much as students from college are engaging in sports at an advanced level does not guarantee that they are professional to deserve a pay. Sports isn't their job; it only comes as an extracurricular activity. Their being in college is a privilege that might enable them to pursue the dreams of playing sports.

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