Counter Argument Essay: Brands Should Not Believe Everything They Read About Themselves Online

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Date:  2022-09-28


The article, Brands should not believe everything they read about themselves Online warns that everything heard from other people should not be taken seriously in the field of business particularly in this era of technology. The growth of social media has been accompanied by an increase of fake news and alternative facts which may affect a company. Managers who often depend on social sentiments of the consumers to make changes on the products are warned against the approach. In most occasions, company managers employ social sentiment analysis by algorithmically evaluating social posts and comments, and classifying them into positive, negative and neutral (Panepinto, 2018). The purpose of this method is to understand the feeling of the customers regarding the brands. However, it should be noted that People have different viewpoints about the company products. Online users also consist of potential customers and competitors who would like to spread fake news widely to divert the attention of the buyers. Although this article opposes the use of sentiment analysis in business, several arguments emerge in support of the opinion. First, sentiment analysis can easily capture, retrieve, and quantify consumers effectively. Second, Sentiment analysis creates a new avenue and opens a growth opportunity based on a new level of customer involvement and reputation management.

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In the first argument, sentiment analysis is important because it can capture, retrieve and quantify customers effectively. Indeed, people always have an interest to know what others think. Since the discovery of the internet, many people have shifted its use to express their perspectives. Nowadays, social media covers a wide range of everyone's life. They are becoming essential means of communication. With social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, it is becoming feasible to have public opinion on brands and products as well as the company performance (Liu, 2012). Firms can use these social media platforms to reach many people across the world. In this context, it is easy for businesses to utilize opinions from online consumers by carefully listening to their comments. Opinions mined from the customers can be worthwhile as most of them expect best products and services from the company. Using social sentiments in this case enables the organizations to determine whether a phrase is positive, negative and neutral. This classification helps in identifying the attitude of the consumers towards the brand or service provided. As a result, the business can identify its strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it is necessary for the brands to believe everything they read about themselves.

The second argument states that sentiment analysis can create a new avenue and encourage growth opportunity as far as a new level of customer involvement and reputation is concerned. It is worth noting that the public opinion can be used to make wise decisions about resources with the objective of providing improved products and services. A good example of this scenario is the effect of tracking feelings of people regarding the brands (Liu, 2012). It enables managers to be aware of the knowledge and decision-making techniques. Sincerely, social media is the present environment for gathering data and assessing peoples' sentiments. Through it, the managers can regularly monitor the market share of brands and deliver innovative-based products. Further, by monitoring customer sentiments, it becomes possible for the organization to create brand awareness and brand reputation. This strategy also helps the business to identify challenges in the initial stages.


So, marketing strategies and smart products can be developed by considering the needs of the consumers. These two arguments have refuted the claim that brands should not believe in everything they read about themselves online by asserting that online views are important in improving the company brands and services. Therefore, it is imperative for organizations to consider every opinion given by online users about their products.


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