Creating Perfection: The Beauty of Double Image Exposure on an Up North Image - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-19


The personal environment is the ability of a person matching with his or her environ. People can come up with different arts and combine the images to nature to bring out the perfection of beauty. The up north image was used to portray the beautiful scenery of a fantastic city in combination with a human model. The aspect of double image exposure came out perfect on the up north image that I created. According to the study of the visual approach, the images produced are to bring out a clear view of a combination of two pictures and bringing them out as one combined beautiful portrait.

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I picked on the random tumblr image because of the beauty of nature that was in my environment and that I saw in that photograph. The available personal picture that I used and the fantastic combination of the view of life that was combined in that image brought out precisely an excellent example of a visual approach in a second optical image. The pictures that I used explained well on my relationship with the kind of environment that I live in. When one looks at the photos, you can see deeper meanings that come with my portraits. In rare occasions, we can see ourselves in the pictures we have created. The availability of knowledge on double visual images has helped me be able to see myself in a landscape within the photograph that I have created.

Ways In Which You See The Course Theme Manifest The Images You Created?

The images I created are a manifest of the theme of the course whereby the unobstructed views of the photos bring out good images that are worth a million words. The pictures show the theme preview that is related to the course explaining the different images in many different ways accordingly.

Does A Sense Of 'Place' Come Through In Your Images?

There is the clean word theme on the image of the random whereby it gives a clear view of nature at the same time a hint of my image as a form of a second visual image. When you look clearly at my pictures, you will notice that there is a clear sense of place because they are made as double visual images through the visual approach that we studied accordingly.

How Do Personal and Shared-Cultural Perceptions Reveal Themselves in Your Image?

Personal and shared perceptions in my images on intimate environment reveal themselves in that we share different opinions with different people that may be living around us and in terms of shared cultures; my models bring out a dynamic view. The creations of my images about personal environment explain a lot about different people and the varied cultures that they have. They tell the different perceptions that people have on nature, cities, and backgrounds.

Which Ones Have The Most Resonance For You?

The image of me in a landscape and the one of me in random Tumblr explain the most resonance for me because they both describe the two different aspects broadly and also my perception of my environment accordingly.

Was There Anything That Surprised You About The Images Or Your Reaction To Them? Why?

The images surprised me in a way that I never imagined a person's vision could bring out a great combination with different models of place, nature and the environment making the portraits come out so impressing and attractive. Even though it was so hard to come up with the combined images but later came out to be perfect and brought out the aspect of personal environment

What Did You Take Away From The Experience?

My experience on the double visual images was terrific, though tricky at some point and educative experience, making me gain more knowledge on photographs and know the benefits of having an idea about the visual approach. I took experience and additional knowledge from my experience, especially in the many creations that I came up with accordingly on my environment and visual approach.

How Has The Proliferation Of The Selfie Impacted The Way We See Our Place In The World?

Selfie has impacted greatly on people's lives in that through taking selfies, people are able to express themselves freely in photos. Taking selfies is known to be a harmless act and that it brings the best out of people. Through selfies we are able to get portraits of our own selves.

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