Movie Analysis Essay on Tell Them We Are Rising

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Date:  2022-12-21


During slavery times in America, African American could not access education since they were regarded as foreigners. The whites feared that if African America got an education could pose a threat to them. The education would enlighten the Africa American because it would help them to achieve their dreams as well as understanding its benefits to an individual. The paper seeks to discuss the role of black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and their contribution to society.Arguably, the black colleges and universities (HBCUs) played vital roles such as success and survival in a foreign country, America. The success of African Americans has been realized through the establishment of black colleges and universities. The education provided in HBCUs has equipped African Americans with the knowledge needed for one to join politics culture and law. The HBCUs taught different cultures and arts of the natives who helped the African Americans to socialize with white Americans fully. The HBCUs assisted the African Americans in the struggle for their survival. Moreover, black colleges and universities played an imperative role in developing a powerful voice for black Americans (Miller, 2019). Through education acquired after the establishment of HBCUs, African Americans could air their grievances without fear and intimidation from the whites.

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The black colleges and universities played the role of offering African Americans with desired education that could not be provided by American universities (Miller, 2019). The white society could not allow Africa Americans to access to education from their institutions since they were viewed as mere slaves only fit for doing manual jobs. The higher education offered to African Americans was an instrument to deliver them from the yoke of white oppression and segregation. The phrase "tell them we are rising' from the documentary meant that African America was slowly acquiring education knowledge to compete at the same level as the whites. They also meant that education would help them to engage in politics, cultural activities, and arts.

Black colleges and universities played a significant role in the liberation of African Americans. For instance, it is in the HBCUs where students formed organized movements for delivering social justices. The African American schools provided an avenue for students to mobilize each other to force the America authorities to end the problem of racial segregation, oppression and give rights for African American to participate in politics (Miller, 2019). They would also struggle for their native culture to be recognized by the whites. Another role is to provide skilled laborers to work in the industrial sector. There were more than eighty-six black colleges and universities headed by white presidents which provided industrial education to African Americans. After completion of the training courses, they would be recruited into the American industries as laborers.

The HBCUs had numerous advantages since they immensely contributed to society. For example, the black colleges and universities provided skills and knowledge to many people in the society who otherwise got job opportunities in the industrial sector (Miller, 2019). People could also secure employment since they were educated from these HBCUs hence improving their living standards. The people in the society could effectively interact with other people from diverse cultural courtesy of education from black colleges and universities. The HBCUs contributed to peace and harmony in the society because education brought to an end to the social injustices previously subjected to uneducated African Americans. In conclusion, black colleges and universities played vital roles that led to the liberation of African Americans. The contribution to society could not also be underestimated because it solved numerous problems that negatively affected African Americans.


Miller, P. B. (2019). Tell Them We Are Rising: The Story of Black Colleges and Universities, by Stanley Nelson.

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