Culture, Climate, and Ethics in a Company - Paper Example

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Booze Allen Hamilton is a government consultant on matters about corporate business. The organization is one of the most prolific institutions in its industries. They have worked hard to ensure that they provide their clients with creative and innovative solutions to problems. They also offer strategic technological input in the organizations. Some of the most influential pointers in how the organization chooses to perform its business is through investing in organizations values (Buhr, 2017). The company has built its portfolio based on culture, ethics and the climate at which they do business. Looking at the companys take on the three can, therefore, give an important insight into its culture, climate, and organizational ethics.

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It is important to note that the culture and climate of a firm are as important as its code of ethics. For the code of ethics to be functional and present valuable and integral performance from the employees, there is a need for companies to ensure that the working conditions in which employees operate are conducive. The culture of an organization, therefore, plays an invaluable role in pushing organizational performance towards organizational objectives. Looking at the culture of Booze Allen Hamilton, several important competencies present themselves. Booze Allen Hamilton is known for its values, and it is these values that form the basis for the firms culture.

The values that dictate the culture and climate of Booze Allen Hamilton are shortlisted into ten important values. These are; Professionalism, Fairness, Integrity, Respect, Trust, Client Service, Diversity, Excellence, Entrepreneurship and Teamwork (Core Values | Booz Allen Hamilton, 2017). These values form the basis of the organizational culture and by extension the ethics of the firm. It is important to note that the firm was the first in the history of the USA to record and pass a formal code of ethics on which it bases its operations. It, therefore, has a very succinct culture that aims to ensure the fair treatment of all employees, acknowledge and appreciate diversity in its ideas, perspectives and cultural backgrounds of its employees. In doing so, both the company and its clients have a chance at achieving their organizational and individual potential (Core Values | Booz Allen Hamilton, 2017).


Looking at the different ethical and cultural practices at the firm, there are three distinct characteristics that continue to push the organization forward. The first is that the company has directed all its resources and assets towards the achievement of its organizational goals. The company organizes its employees in teams that focus on improving the technological and strategic operations of its clients. The work is, therefore, the main motivating factor at Booze Allen Hamilton. It, therefore, procures competent and skilled personnel that look to improve the value of team output and in turn the performance of its clients in their respective fields.

The second competency that significantly improves the performance of the organization is its culture. The code of ethics and the companys core values present a positive climate for efficient work. The third issue speaks to the corporate social responsibility (CSR). In making sure it improves the competencies of its employees and the organizational performance of its clients, Booze Allen Hamilton is very particular on CSR (Core Values | Booz Allen Hamilton, 2017). In fact, the company has programs where its employees participate in community and social programs. The desired outcome is the betterment of the community. Additionally, by the participation of employees in community programs, the culture at Booze Allen Hamilton progressively advances and spreads to the communities that are in its immediate vicinity (Core Values | Booz Allen Hamilton, 2017).

Annotated Bibliography

Buhr, N. (2017). Retrieved 21 January 2017, from article was an informative and practical perspective on the innovative culture at Booze Allen Hamilton. In referencing some of the most successful innovative practices, Buhr (2017) speaks about the value that was realized in the company as a result of technological insight provided by the employees at Booze Allen Hamilton. The patient was able to realize quality service as a result of the centralized management system that oversaw the administration of vaccines in the public health institutions.

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This article is details the companys core values, and culture of the company. It is important to note that these two competencies are prime influences in the companys, operations, interactions with different clients and even the companys CSR activities. It, therefore, presents a detailed analysis of the company as it should run. It is important to note that the performance of the company has a set standard on which it operates. These core values present significant pointers to compare the performance of the company and its employees.

Corporate investigations that mitigate threats to your business. (2017). Corporate Services. Retrieved 2 February 2017, from

In this article, there are several important issues that are raised about performing internal performance audits. It is important that the public documents that the company has been in line with the companys internal performance and operations. Should the company fail in maintaining this standard from within, there is a need to look at potential areas that the company can turn to ensure they discipline employees and observe their commitment to their core values and code of ethics.

Research Paper

Employee misconduct can be one of the most detrimental practices. Companies often allow their employees access to critical information and financial resources. In observing the expenses and responsibility of a company, employees play and important role mitigating the risks that are associated with the business. Consequently, cases of employee misconduct continue to undermine the performance of different companies across the world. It, therefore, plays an important competency when companies look at different measures to mitigate the risks that come with such incidences. It is important to note that while the information on public access platforms is factual, there is always a significant threat to the integrity of the records given that the personnel drawing up these documents may be part of the misconduct. Several steps, therefore, need to be taken to ensure that the public record reflects what is happening on the ground.

In performing internal and private audits, there are certain issues that must be previously defined before the actual investigations begin. Not all misconduct is an issue of corporate investigation. These crimes include Employee time theft, FMLA Abuse, Asset Misuse, Frau and Disregard for Non-Compete clause in the employee agreement. Time theft is characterized by the abuse of working hours. Employees are sometimes distracted by issues like mobile phones or other jobs that are not part of their responsibility both within the company and from without. These instances often make for reduced performance. FMLA abuse refers to instances where employees fake the death or the sickness of a family member. They use the time awarded as leave days and work on other jobs (Corporate investigations that mitigate threats to your business, 2017).

Asset Misuse refers to the illegal procurement and use of firm resources. Employees may doctor accounts and expenses in a bid to tend to personal issues. It, therefore, makes for a very detrimental performance as both company and clients inadvertently tend to undermine the operations of the company. Asset misuse often takes on fraud as an advanced crime. Employees may even go as far as changing their salaries in the payroll or even placing ghost workers and assigning them salaries. Looking at Booze Allen Hamilton, the strategy is an important competency. Non-compete clauses, therefore, prevent their employees from sharing information with external parties or even using internal company information outside the company. Employees, therefore, end up promoting competitors of their firm (Corporate investigations that mitigate threats to your business, 2017).

There are different sets of investigative practices that present important solutions to uncovering instances of employee misconduct. The three most prevalent and consistent methods of conducting corporate investigations include Computer Forensics, Cellular Forensics, and undercover investigations. The incidences of employee misconduct often find themselves operating from within the system. It, therefore, is imperative that a countermeasure and more stealth and thorough investigations be performed (Corporate investigations that mitigate threats to your business, 2017). Computer forensics is by far one of the most important tools when it comes to internal audits. The reason for this commendation is because of the ability of a computer to present an analysis of documents without corrupting the files. It, therefore, makes for a better and clearer picture of the extent of employee misconduct should such instances get flagged. The entire system can, therefore, be scanned for discrepancies (Corporate investigations that mitigate threats to your business, 2017).

Cellular Forensics, on the other hand, speak to the ability of investigators to monitor the communications of organizations. In todays mobile-centric world, there are a lot of different forms of cellular forensics are present. It, therefore, makes for a credible analysis of the communications of individuals. (Corporate investigations that mitigate threats to your business, 2017) The third mechanism that the company can resort to is undercover investigations. Such lengths are often the result of the some of the more adverse crimes. Undercover investigations better investigative methods and often more complex measures. Persons of interest often present valuable cause for employment of undercover investigations (Corporate investigations that mitigate threats to your business, 2017).

It is important that the company take caution in making such steps. Companies in doing business often realize a lot of different external and internal threats. It is, however, important to note that once internal threats are discovered, the tools that the culprits of said misconduct resort to in performing acts of fraud often change their tactics. It is, therefore, important to ensure that the different people that are working on such an audit be of integrity and also perform their duty without consultation or interference from upper-level management. Given the hierarchical nature of business organizations, it may be imprudent to internalize such an operation. All employees are subject to internal audits and therefore must not be left to evaluate themselves (Corporate investigations that mitigate threats to your business, 2017).

Contracting professional investigators can, therefore, make for a very positive resolve. External investigators offer companies an unbiased report on the practices of the employees. The second issues are that without fret, external investigators often operate independently of the hierarchical structure of the operations. Instances of employee misconduct often trigger a domino effect that ends at top level management. As the audit is being performed, complete eradication of any misconduct, should it be found, will warrant the investigation of all employees including the executive management (Corpor...

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