Developing Leaders Through Trait Theory: A Process of Education - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-03


The other leadership theory is the trait theory that focuses on developing the traits of the leaders because the traits enable them to perform their responsibilities as leaders (Amanchukwu, Stanley, & Ololube, 2015). The traits allow for leaders to perform their functions because the traits guide the leaders in what they are supposed to do. There is a process that is followed in making the leaders have the traits required. The process entails education where the leaders are taught how to perform their responsibilities and the importance of the leadership traits in leadership. The traits determine the behaviour of the leaders, which is a critical aspect of the success of the organization.

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Healthcare agencies require competent leaders that can perform their responsibilities in managing healthcare professionals. Change theory advocates for changes to be made where the leaders are unable to perform their duties because they can't do so. The organizations need to get leaders that have the desired qualities that can make them achieve their goals and objectives. The results must see the skills and competencies of the leader that they can achieve when given the task.

Teamwork is essential for health facilities to be successful because the employees work as one group that wants to achieve a common objective (Butler, Monroe, & McCaffrey, 2015). One of the most successful leadership styles is the collaborative style of leadership that entails the leader interacting with stakeholders and being involved in the activities that take place in the organization. In the clinical arena, the nurses and the patients are some of the stakeholders that can be engaged. The collaborative leadership enable the leaders to get first-hand feedback from the main people doing the work; hence, they can be able to know what to do when making decisions. The interactions also enable the leaders to transfer their skills to employees whenever there is a need.

Nurse leaders are required to know the condition of their patients admitted in the facility; hence, collaborative leadership facilitate the engagement with the patients. Communities agencies are involved in community work, and the nurses and the people need to have good relations. The collaboration between the leader and the community determines the success of the partnership. The collaborative leadership style that can be applied when engaging the communities includes involving the community leaders in the events meant to help the community.


In conclusion, leadership traits are important in making the leaders know what to do in the responsibilities that they are given to do. It's also important for managers in the clinical arena to have the knowledge and skills of what the profession entails to be able to support junior employees when in need. The theories of leadership guide the leaders on what they should do when they face challenges in making decisions.


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